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Aguiar, Carla J, Rocha-Franco, Joao A, Souza, Pedro A, Santos, Anderson K, Ladeira, Marina, Rocha-Resende, Cibele, Ladeira, Luis O, Resende, Rodrigo R, Botoni, Fernando A, Barrouin Melo, Marcos, Lima, Cristiano X, Carballido, Jose, Cunha, Thiago M, Menezes, Gustavo B, Guatimosim, Silvia and Leite, M Fatima (2014) SUCCINATE CAUSES CARDIOMYOCYTE HYPERTROPHY THROUGH GPR91 ACTIVATION. Cell Communication and Signaling.

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Amato, Anthony A, Sivakumar, Kumaraswamy, Goyal, Namita, David, William S, Salajegheh, Mohammad, Praestgaard, Jens, Trifilieff, Estelle, Trendelenburg, Anne-Ulrike, Laurent, Didier, Glass, David, Roubenoff, Ronenn, Tseng, Brian and Greenberg, Steven A (2014) Treatment of sporadic inclusion body myositis with bimagrumab. Neurology, 83 (24). pp. 2239-2246. ISSN 1526-632X

Ando, Yuichi, Inada-inoue, Megumi, Mitsuma, Ayako, Yoshino, Takayuki, Ohtsu, Atsushi, Noumi, Naoko, Sato, Masahiko, Kakizume, Tomoyuki, Robson, Matthew, Quadt, Cornelia and Doi, Toshihiko (2014) A Phase I dose-escalation study of buparlisib (BKM120), an oral pan-class I PI3K inhibitor, in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors. Cancer Science, 105 (3). pp. 347-353.

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Arm, Jonathan, Bottoli, Ivan, Skerjanec, Andrej, Groenewegen, Andrea, Maahs, Suzanne, Owen, Charles, Jones, Ieuan and Lowe, Phil (2014) Efficacy and safety of QGE031, a novel anti-IgE antibody, in atopic subjects. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 44 (11). pp. 1371-1385.

Arnold, Nicola, Beattie, David, Bradley, Michelle, Brearley, Andrew, Brown, Lyndon, Charlton, Steven, Farr, David Colin, Fozard, John R., Fullerton, Joe, Gosling, Martin, Hatto, Julia, Janus, Diana, Jones, Darryl, Jordan, Lynne, Lewis, Christine, Maas, Janet, Mercer, Mark, Oakman, Helen, Press, Neil, Profit, Rachael, Schuerch, Friedrich, Sykes, David, Taylor, Roger, Trifilieff, Alexandre, Tuffnell, Andrew and Mccarthy, Clive (2014) The identification of 7-[(R)-2-((1S,2S)-2-benzyloxycyclopentylamino)-1-hydroxyethyl]-4-hydroxybenzothiazolone as an inhaled long-acting beta2-adrenoceptor agonist. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 24. pp. 4341-4347.

Aronchik, Ida, Appleton, Brent, Basham, Stephen, Crawford, Kenneth, Del Rosario, Merci, Doyle, Laura, Estacio, William, Lindvall, Mika, Luu, Catherine, Venetsanakos, Eleni, Shafer, Cynthia and Jefferson, A.B. (2014) Novel potent and selective inhibitors of p90 ribosomal S6 kinase reveal the heterogeneity of RSK function in MAPK-driven cancers. Molecular Cancer Research, 12 (5). pp. 803-812. ISSN 1557-3125

Aronchik, Ida, Appleton, Brent, Basham, Stephen, Crawford, Kenneth, Del Rosario, Merci, Doyle, Laura, Estacio, William, Lindvall, Mika, Luu, Catherine, Venetsanakos, Eleni, Shafer, Cynthia and Jefferson, A.B. (2014) Novel potent and selective inhibitors of p90 ribosomal S6 kinase reveal the heterogeneity of RSK function in MAPK-driven cancers. Molecular Cancer Research, 12 (5). pp. 803-812. ISSN 1557-3125

Auberson, Yves, Troxler, Thomas J., Zhang, Xuechun, Yang, Charles, Fendt, Markus, Feuerbach, Dominik, Liu, Yu-Chih, Lagu, Bharat, Lerchner, Andreas, Perrone, Mark, Lei, Lijun, Zhang, Chao, Wang, Chunxiu, Wang, Tie-Lin and Bock, Mark (2014) Ergoline-derived Inverse Agonists of the Human H3-Receptor for the Treatment of Narcolepsy. ChemMedChem. ISSN 18607179

Auberson, Yves, Troxler, Thomas J., Zhang, Xuechun, Yang, Charles, Feuerbach, Dominik, Liu, Yu-Chih, Lagu, Bharat, Perrone, Mark, Lei, Lijun, Shen, Xiaoxia, Zhang, Dushan, Wang, Chunxiu, Wang, Tie-Lin and Bock, Mark (2014) From Ergolines to Indoles: Improved Inhibitors of the Human H3-Receptor for the Treatment of Narcolepsy. ChemMedChem, 10 (2). pp. 266-275. ISSN 18607179

Auld, Douglas (2014) October Literature Search and Review. Assay and Drug Development Technologies. ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies.

Auld, Douglas (2014) September Literature Search and Review. Assay and Drug Development Technologies. Assays and Drug Development Technologies.

Auld, Douglas, Hill, William and Orme, Jonathon (2014) Examining Ligand-based Stabilization of Proteins in Cells with MEK1 Kinase Inhibitors. Assay Drug Development Technologies, 13 (5). pp. 266-276. ISSN 1540-658X1557-8127

Auld, Douglas, Hill, William, Smith, Thomas, Zhang, Ji, Kang, Zhao Bin, Ho, Pei-I, Ardayfio, Ophelia and Bowes, Scott (2014) Applications of quantitative HTS (qHTS) to facilitate assay pilot testing. Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 19 (5). pp. 651-660. ISSN 1087-05711552-454X

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Avchalumov, Yosef, Sander, Svenja, Porath, Katrin, Hamann, Melanie, Richter, Franziska, Kirschstein, Timo, Köhling, Rüdiger and Richter, Angelika (2014) Role of striatal NMDA receptor subunits in a model of paroxysmal dystonia. Experimental Neurology, 261. pp. 677-684. ISSN 00144886

Azimioara, Mihai, Epple, Robert, Alper, Phillip, Cow, Christopher, Mutnick, Daniel, Nikulin, Victor, Lelais, Gerald, Mcneill, Matthew, Michellys, Pierre, Wang, Zhiliang, Li, Jing, Bao, Dingjiu, Zoll, Jocelyn, Kim, Young, Zimmerman, Matthew, Groessl, Todd, Tuntland, Tove, Mcnamara, Peter, Seidel, Martin, Joseph, Sean, Mecom, John, Reding, Esther and Paliotti, Michael (2014) Novel tricyclic pyrazolopyrimidines as potent and selective GPR119 agonists. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 24 (23). pp. 5478-5483. ISSN 1464-3405


Bachelier, Richard, Confavreux, Cyrille, Goehring, Delphine, van der Pluijm, Gabri, Clezardin, Philippe and Carmeli, Yael (2014) Combination of Antiangiogenic Therapies Reduces Osteolysis and Tumor Burden in Experimental Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis. International journal of cancer, 135 (6). pp. 1319-1329. ISSN 1097-0215

Baertschi, Stefan, Baur, Nina, Lueders-Lefevre, Valerie, Voshol, Johannes and Keller, Hansjoerg (2014) Class I and IIa Histone Deacetylases Have Opposite Effects on Sclerostin Gene Regulation. Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Barnes, David, Boiselle, Carri, Chopra, Rajiv, Hoffmaster, Keith, Kato, Mitsunori, Lin, Kai, Pan, Guoyu, Zheng, Rui, Shu, Lei, Ma, Sue, Wang, Jianling, Whiteman, Leah, Xu, Mei and Fu, Jiping (2014) Design and synthesis of lactam-thiophene carboxylic acids as potent hepatitis C virus polymerase inhibitors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 24 (16). pp. 3979-3985. ISSN 0960894X

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Baskin, KK, Rodriguez, MR, Kansara, S, Chen, W, Carranza, S, Frazier, OH, Glass, DJ and Taegtmeyer, H (2014) MAFbx/Atrogin-1 is required for atrophic remodeling of the unloaded heart. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. pp. 168-176.

Bassilana, Frederic, Carlson, Adam, Dasilva, Jennifer, Grosshans, Bianka, Vidal, Solange, Beck, Valerie, Wilmering Wetter, Barbara, Llamas, Luis, Bourret, Aaron, Wu, Xu, Harbinski, Fred, Ruffner, Heinz, Grandi, Paola, Schirle, Markus, Jenkins, Jeremy, Bouwmeester, Antonius, Porter, Jeffrey, Myer, Vic, Finan, Peter, Tallarico, John, Kelleher Iii, Joseph, Seuwen, Klaus, Jain, Rishi and Luchansky, Sarah (2014) Target identification for a Hedgehog pathway inhibitor reveals the receptor GPR39. Nature Chemical Biology, 10 (5). pp. 343-349. ISSN 1552-4469

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Bhinder, Bhavneet, Antczak, Christophe, Shum, David, Radu, Constantin, Mahida, Jeni, Liu-Sullivan, Nancy, Ibanez, Glorymar, Somalinga Raja, Balajee, Calder, Paul and Djaballah, Hakim (2014) Chemical & RNAi Screening at MSKCC: A Collaborative Platform to Discover & Repurpose Drugs to Fight Disease. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 17 (4). pp. 298-318. ISSN 1875-5402

Bialek, P, Parkington, J, Li, X, Gavin, D, Wallace, C, Zhang, J, Root, A, Yan, G, Warner, L, Seeherman, HJ and Yaworsky, PJ (2014) A myostatin and activin decoy receptor enhances bone formation in mice. Bone. pp. 162-171.

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Boudreaux, Ramon D , Perticone, Jacqueline I , Ellman, Rachel , Lenfest, Scott E , Bloomfield, Susan A and Hogan, Harry A (2014) Sequential High-Impact Loading and Zoledronic Acid Before Hindlimb Unloading Protects Against Decrements in Bone Microarchitecture and Strength. Published Thesis:

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Boutouyrie-Dumont, Bruno (2014) How to link biomarkers using physiologically based pharmacokinetic models. Biomarkers in Medicine, 8 (1). pp. 73-75. ISSN 1752-0363

Boutouyrie-Dumont, Bruno (2014) An IL-17-mediated paracrine network promotes tumor resistance to antiangiogenic therapy. Biomarkers in Medicine, 8 (1). pp. 73-75. ISSN 1752-0363

Boutouyrie-Dumont, Bruno (2014) A new biomarker to identify high-risk renal transplant patients. Biomarkers in Medicine, 8 (1). pp. 73-75. ISSN 1752-0363

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Bulliard, Yannick, Zhang, Jimin, Jolicoeur, Rose, Brogdon, Jennifer, Dranoff, Glenn and Wilson, Nicholas (2014) OX86 mediates depletion of OX40-expressing intratumoral regulatory T cells through Fc receptor co-engagement, leading to potent anti-tumor efficacy. OX40 engagement depletes intratumoral Tregs via activating FcγRs, leading to antitumor efficacy. pp. 1-6.

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