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NIBR Open Source Gallery

Jen, Dennis, Schreiber, Mark, Muller, Ryan and Prince, John (2014) NIBR Open Source Gallery. NIBR Open Source Gallery. p. 1. ISSN 0000-0000


At NIBR IT, we write software ourselves when we can’t source it from the outside. Some of this software is strictly internal and is only really useful within the organization. However, some of the software we write consists of applications or components that could potentially have a broader use case. Because of this, there exists the definite possibility that much of our software could be valuable to others.

When we publish select elements of our software as free, open-source software, we have the added benefit of an outside community dedicated to improving it. By harnessing the power of this community, our software grows much more quickly and becomes more robust. In addition, by promoting free and open-source projects started from within, we can engage a population of developers we never would have been able to before and communicate our message that NIBR IT is an exciting and dynamic place to work, attracting top talent in the industry.

Most of all, though, the NIBR Open Source Initiative is simply a manifestation of Novartis’s commitment to corporate responsibility. We intend to lead by example with this initiative and demonstrate to the pharmaceutical industry that a healthy open-source program benefits all involved.

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Keywords: open source, NIBR, Novartis, software engineering, data visualization, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, JavaScript, data engineering, data science
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