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Acharya, Nandini, Sabatos-Peyton, Catherine and Anderson, Ana (2020) Tim-3 finds its place in the cancer immunotherapy landscape. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 8 (1). ISSN 20511426

Adler, Rick, Clark, Elizabeth, Cline, Mark, Connor, Michael, Crabbs, Torrie, Fossey, Stacey, Malarkey, David, Tornquiest, Susan and Vernau, William (2020) Mission Accomplished: The ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology Fellows Completes Its Objectives, but Its Legacy and Spirit Live On. Toxicologic pathology. pp. 1-7.

Akinjiyan, Favour, Fazal, Aleem, Hild, Marc, Beckwith, Rohan, Paulk, Josh and Carbonneau, Seth (2020) A novel luminescence-based high-throughput approach for cellular resolution of protein ubiquitination using tandem ubiquitin binding entities (TUBEs). SLAS DISCOVERY: Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery, 25 (4). pp. 350-360. ISSN 2472-55522472-5560

Algarín, Esperanza, Díaz-Tejedor, Andrea, Mogollón, Pedro, Hernández-García, Susana, Corchete, Luis A, San-Segundo, Laura, Martín-Sánchez, Montserrat, González-Méndez, Lorena, Schoumacher, Marie, Banquet, Sébastien, Kraus-Berthier, Laurence, Kloos, Ioana, Halilovic, Ensar, Maacke, Heiko, Gutiérrez, Norma C, Mateos, María-Victoria, Paíno, Teresa, Garayoa, Mercedes and Ocio, Enrique M (2020) PRECLINICAL EVALUATION OF THE SIMULTANEOUS INHIBITION OF MCL-1 AND BCL-2 WITH THE COMBINATION OF S63845 AND VENETOCLAX IN MULTIPLE MYELOMA. Haematologica : the hematology journal, 105. ISSN 1592-8721

Alper, Phillip, Deane, Jonathan, Betschart, Claudia, Buffet, David, Collignon Zipfel, Geraldine, Gordon, William, Hampton, Janice, Hawtin, Stuart, Ibanez, Maureen, Jiang, Tao, Junt, Tobias, Knoepfel, Thomas, Liu, Bo, Maginnis, Jillian, Mckeever, Una, Michellys, Pierre, Mutnick, Daniel, Nayak, Bishnu, Niwa, Satoru, Richmond, Wendy, Rush, James, Syka, Peter, Zhang, Yi and Zhu, Xuefeng (2020) Discovery of potent, orally bioavailable in vivo efficacious antagonists of the TLR7/8 pathway. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 30 (17). p. 127366. ISSN 14643405

Ambrozic, Rok, Arzensek, Dejan and Podgornik, Ales (2020) Designing scalable ultrafiltration/diafiltration process of monoclonal antibodies via mathematical modeling by coupling mass balances and Poisson–Boltzmann equation. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. ISSN 0006-35921097-0290

Angst, Daniela, Gessier, Francois, Janser, Philipp, Pulz, Robert, Vulpetti, Anna, Waelchli, Rudolf, Beerli, Christian, Littlewood-Evans, Amanda, Dawson King, Janet, Nuesslein-Hildesheim, Barbara, Wieczorek, Grazyna, Gutmann, Sascha, Scheufler, Clemens, Hinniger, Alexandra, Zimmerlin, Alfred Gilbert, Funhoff, Enrico and Cenni, Bruno (2020) Discovery of LOU064 (Remibrutinib), a Potent and Highly Selective Covalent Inhibitor of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. ISSN 0022-26231520-4804

Arat, Seda, Ietswaart, Robert, Chen, Amanda, Farahmand, Saman, Kim, Bunjum, Armstrong, Duncan, Urban, Laszlo, DuMouchel, William, Jeffrey, Sutherland and Fekete, Alexander (2020) Machine learning guided association of adverse drug reactions with in vitro target-based pharmacology. EBioMedicine., 57. pp. 1028-1037. ISSN eBioMedicine

Arbues, Ainhoa, Brees, Dominique, Chibout, Salah-Dine, Fox, Todd, Kammueller, Michael and Portevin , Damien (2020) TNF-α antagonists differentially induce TGF-β1-dependent resuscitation of dormant-like Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PLoS pathogens, 16 (2). e1008312. ISSN 1553-7374

Arbues, Ainhoa, Kammueller, Michael and Portevin, Damien (2020) Generating three-dimensional human granulomas in vitro to study Mycobacterium tuberculosis-host interaction. BIO-PROTOCOL, 10 (22). ISSN 2331-8325

Arora, Rishi, Liew, Chong Wai, Soh, Tingjin Sherryl , Otoo, Dorcas , Seh, Cheah Chen, Yue, Qing, Nilar, Shahul Hameed, Wang, Gang, Yokokawa, Fumiaki, Noble, Christian Guy, Chen, Yen-Liang, Shi, Pei-Yong, Lescar, Julien, Smith, Thomas, Benson, Timothy and Lim, Siew Pheng (2020) Two RNA tunnel inhibitors bind in highly conserved sites in Dengue virus NS5 polymerase: structural and functional studies. Journal of virology.

Auberson, Yves (2020) EFMC, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology in Europe. ChemMedChem : chemistry enabling drug discovery, 15.

Auld, Douglas (2020) Microplate Selection and Recommended Practices in High-throughput Screening and Quantitative Biology. Jun 2020.

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Auld, Douglas, Jenkins, Jeremy and Concannon, John (2020) Cell size homeostasis is maintained by a circuitry involving a CDK4-determined target size that programs the cell size-dependent activation of p38. bioRxiv.


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Balakrishnan, Anand, Hekmat-Nejad, Mohammad, Price, Edmund, Cantwell, John, Wartchow, Charles, Shaul, Jacob, Luu, Catherine, Spraggon, Glen, DiDonato, Michael and Vo, Michael (2020) Biochemical characterization of respiratory syncytial virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase complex. ACS infectious diseases, 6 (10). pp. 2800-2811. ISSN 2373-8227

Ballerini, Andrea, Chua, Corrine, Rhudy, Jessica, Susnjar, Antonia, Trani, Nicola, Jain, Priya, Laue, Grit, Lubicka, Danuta, Shirazi-Fard, Yasaman, Ferrari, Mauro, Stodieck, Louis, Cadena, Samuel and Grattoni, Alessandro (2020) Muscle Atrophy: Counteracting Muscle Atrophy on Earth and in Space via Nanofluidics Delivery of Formoterol. Advanced Therapeutics, 3 (7). ISSN 23663987

Baran, Szczepan, Das Gupta, Ayan, Mathur, Ashwini, Rowlands, David, Walker, Dana, Lim, Maria, Schaevitz, Laura and Shanmukhappa, Kumar (2020) Continuous, Automated Breathing Rate and Body Motion Monitoring of Rats With Paraquat-Induced Progressive Lung Injury. Frontiers in Physiology, 11. ISSN 1664042X

Barkley, Deborah, Hatsis, Panagiotis, Glick, Jim, Li, Wenkui and Flarakos, Jimmy (2020) Dixon's Q-test and Student's t-test to assess analog internal standard response in nonregulated LC-MS/MS bioanalysis. Bioanalysis, 12 (21). pp. 1535-1543. ISSN 17576199

Bačnik, Katarina, Kutnjak, Denis, Jerič Kokelj, Barbara, Tuta, Nika, Lončar, Tan, Vogelsang, Matjaz and Ravnikar, Maja (2020) Metagenomic characterization of parental and production CHO cell lines for detection of adventitious viruses. Biologicals. ISSN 10958320

Beckmann, Nicolau (2020) Editorial for “Echo Time-Dependence of Observed Lung T1 in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis and Correlation With Clinical Metrics”. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 52 (6). pp. 1655-1656. ISSN 15222586

Beckmann, Nicolau (2020) Editorial on “Validation of Automated Perfusion-Weighted Phase-Resolved Functional Lung (PREFUL)-MRI in Patients With Pulmonary Diseases”. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging, 52 (1). pp. 115-116.

Beckmann, Nicolau (2020) Non-Invasive Preclinical Lung Imaging: A Pharmaceutical Perspective. Bruker White Paper.

Bednarczyk, Dallas and Sanghvi, Menaka (2020) Organic anion transporting polypeptide 2B1 (OATP2B1), an expanded substrate profile, does it align with OATP2B1's hypothesized function? Xenobiotica.

Bergboer, Judith GM, Kelder, Martijn JE , van Min, Max, Tuta, Nika, Crček, Mitja and Vogelsang, Matjaz (2020) Targeted Locus Amplification and NGS combined with qPCR-based breakpoint analysis for the assurance of monoclonality in recombinant cell lines. as white paper on Cergentis webpage.

Bhatt, Shruti, Pioso, Marissa, Olesinski, Elyse, Yilma, Binyam, Leutz, Buon, Adamia, Sophia, Zhu, Holly, Yanan, Kuang, Mogili, Abhishek, Ryan, Jeremy, Wang, Youzhen, Morris, Erick, Halilovic, Ensar, Paweletz, Cloud P., Weinstock, David M., Garcia, Jacqueline S. and Letai, Anthony (2020) Reduced Mitochondrial Apoptotic Priming Drives Resistance to BH3 Mimetics in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Cancer Cell, 38 (6). 872-890.e6. ISSN 18783686

Blanco, Maria-Jesus (2020) New Chemical Modalities and Strategic Thinking in Early Drug Discovery. ACS medicinal chemistry letters, 11 (3). pp. 228-231. ISSN 1948-5875

Blank, Jutta, Hintermann, Samuel, Schneider, Nadine, Schuffenhauer, Ansgar and Shultz, Michael (2020) Outline for a Perspective Article on Novartis’ approach to compound screening for hit and lead finding and the design of compounds sets for diversity driven screening. Journal of medicinal chemistry for publisher only.

Blümel, Oliver, Buecheler, Jakob, Rodrigues, Miguel, Garaldes, Vitor, Hoelzl, Georg, Bechtold-Peters, Karoline and Friess, Wolfgang (2020) Cryoconcentration and 3D Temperature Profiles during Freezing of mAb Solutions in Large-Scale PET Bottles and a Novel Scale-Down Device. Pharmaceutical Research, Formul. ISSN 0724-8741

Bogdanffy, Matthew S, Lesniak, Jacob, Mangipudy, Raja, Stanley, Ann Marie, Colman, Karyn and Blanset, Diann (2020) Tg.rasH2 mouse model for Assessing Carcinogenic Potential of Pharmaceuticals: Industry Survey and Recommendations. International Journal of Toxicology. ISSN 1091-58181092-874X

Bogdanffy, Matthew S, Lesniak, Jacob, Mangipudy, Raja, Stanley, Ann Marie, Colman, Karyn, Blanset, Diann, Sistare, Frank D, Garcia-Tapia, David and Monticello, Thomas (2020) Tg.rasH2 Mouse Model for Assessing Carcinogenic Potential of Pharmaceuticals: Industry Survey of Current Practices. International journal of toxicology. ISSN 1092874X

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Bruin, Gerardus, Hockey, Hans-Ulrich, Patekar, Manmath, Charef, Pascal, Woessner, Ralph, Boutouyrie-Dumont, Bruno, Fu, Rong, Philip, La Stella and Bardur, Sigurgeirsson (2020) Comparison of pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of secukinumab administered subcutaneously using different 2 mL delivery systems in healthy volunteers and in psoriasis patients. British journal of clinical pharmacology. pp. 1-14.

Bucher, Christoph, Linden, Anthony and Heimgartner, Heinz (2020) Synthesis and Solid State Conformation of Tetrapeptide Amides Containing two Aib and two (Me)Phe Residues – Use of Enantiomerically Pure 2-Benzyl-2-methyl-2H-azirin-3-amines as (Me)Phe-Synthons. Chemistry & Biodiversity. ISSN 1612-18721612-1880


Cabanski, Maciej, Teri, Oldaker, Jennifer , Stewart, Nithianandan, Selliah, Steve, Eck, Cherie, Green, Virginia, Litwin and Vitaliti Garami, Alessandra (2020) Flow cytometric method transfer: Recommendations for best practice. Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry, 100 (1). pp. 52-62. ISSN 1552-49491552-4957

Cadena, Samuel (2020) Contrasting atrophy in space and on Earth. Genes in Space: Research Brief.

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Cain, Meredith, Vemula, Janardhana Rao, Zollinger, Markus, Umehara, Ken-Ichi , Elbast, Walid and Erpenbeck, Veit (2020) A study of the effect of cyclosporine on fevipiprant pharmacokinetics and its absolute bioavailability using an intravenous microdose approach. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 48 (10). pp. 917-924. ISSN 1521009X

Camilleri, Michael, Linker Nord, Sara, Burton, Duane , Oduyebo, Ibironke , Zhang, Yiming, Chen, Jin, Im, Koeun, Bhad, Prafulla, Badman, Michael, Sanders, David and Walters, Julian (2020) A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Farnesoid X Receptor Agonist, Tropifexor, in Patients with Primary Bile Acid Diarrhea. Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, 52 (5). pp. 808-820. ISSN 02692813

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Chianelli, Donatella, Rucker, Paul, Tully, David, Nelson, John, Liu, Xiaodong, Bursulaya, Badry, Hernandez, Eloy , Chu, Alan, Schmeits, James, Hill, Robert, Bao, Dingjiu, Zoll, Jocelyn, Kim, Young, Groessl, Todd, McNamara, Peter, Richmond, Wendy, Sancho Martinez, Ignacio, Badman, Michael, Molteni, Valentina, Jason, Roland, Jane, Wu, David, Huang, Bo, Liu, Andrew, Phimister, Martin, Seidel, Sean, Joseph and Bryan, Laffitte (2020) Nidufexor (LMB763), a Novel FXR Modulator for the Treatment of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). Journal of medicinal chemistry, 63 (8). pp. 3868-3880. ISSN 9b01621

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