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Mammalian Retinal Cell Quantification

Muthuswamy, Anantharaman, Hu, Ying , Chen, Henry, Turner, Oliver and Aina, Olulanu (2020) Mammalian Retinal Cell Quantification. Toxicologic Pathology. ISSN 15331601


Normal retina and its cell layers are essential for processing visual stimuli, and loss of its integrity has been documented in many disease processes. The numbers and the axonal processes of retinal ganglion cells are reduced substantially in glaucoma, leading to vision loss and blindness. Similarly, selective loss of photoreceptors in age-related macular degeneration and hereditary retinal dystrophies also results in the compromise of visual acuity. Development of genetically modified mice has led to increased understanding of the pathogenesis of many retinal diseases. Similarly, in this digital era, usage of modalities to quantify the retinal cell loss has grown exponentially leading to a better understanding of the suitability of animal models to study human retinal diseases. These quantification modalities provide valuable quantifiable data in studying pathogenesis and disease progression. This review will discuss the immunohistochemical markers for various retinal cells, available automated tools to quantify retinal cells, and present an example of retinal ganglion cell quantification using HALO image analysis platform. Additionally, we briefly review retinal cell types and subtypes, salient features of retina in various laboratory animal species, and a few of the main disease processes that affect retinal cell numbers in humans.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: image analysis immunohistochemistry quantification retina retinal ganglion cells
Date Deposited: 30 Jan 2021 00:45
Last Modified: 30 Jan 2021 00:45