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Abend, Andreas and Heimbach, Tycho and Cohen, Michael and Kesisoglou, Filippos and Pepin, Xavier and Suarez, Sandra (2018) DISSOLUTION AND TRANSLATIONAL MODELING STRATEGIES ENABLING PATIENT-CENTRIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT M-CERSI WORKSHOP SUMMARY REPORT. American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Journal.

Abrams, Tinya and Connor, Anu and Fanton, Christie and Cohen, Steven and Huber, Thomas and Miller, Kathy and Hong, E. Erica and Niu, Xiaohong and Kline, Janine and Ison-Dugenny, Marjorie and Harris, Sarah and Walker, Dana and Krauser, Klaus and Galimi, Francesco and Wang, Zhen and Ghoddusi, Majid and Mansfield, Keith and Lee-Hoeflich, Si Tuen and Holash, Jocelyn and Pryer, Nancy and Kluwe, William and Ettenberg, Seth and Sellers, William and Lees, Emma and Kwon, Paul and Abraham, Judy and Schleyer, Siew (2018) Preclinical Antitumor Activity of a Novel Anti–c-KIT Antibody–Drug Conjugate against Mutant and Wild-type c-KIT–Positive Solid Tumors. Clinical Cancer Research, 24 (17). pp. 4297-4308. ISSN 15573265

Adams, Christopher and Anderson, Karen and Artman Iii, Gerald and Cepeda, Rosemarie and Bizec, Jean-Claude and Elliott, Jason and Fassbender, Elizabeth and Ghosh, Malay and Hanks, Shawn and Hardegger, Leo and Hosagrahara, Vinayak and Jaffee, Bruce and Jendza, Keith and Ji, Nan and Johnson, Leland and Liu, Donglei and Liu, Fang and Long, Debby and Ma, Fupeng and Mainolfi, Nello and Meredith, Erik and Miranda, Karl and Peng, Penny and Poor, Stephen and Powers, James and Qiu, Yubin and Rao, Chang and Shen, Siyuan and Sivak, Jeremy and Solovay, Catherine and Tarsa, Peter and Woolfenden, Amber and Zhang, Chun and Zhang, Yiqin (2018) The discovery of N-(1-methyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)-5-((6- ((methylamino)methyl)pyrimidin-4-yl)oxy)-1H-indole-1-carboxamide (acrizanib), a VEGFR-2 inhibitor specifically designed for topical ocular delivery, as a therapy for neovascular age- related macular degeneration. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. ISSN 0022-26231520-4804

Adriana, Sánchez-Danés and Jean-Christophe , Larsimont and Mélanie, Liagre and Eva , Muñoz and Audrey, Brisebarre and Christine, Dubois and Josep, Tabernero and Cédric , Blanpain (2018) A slow cycling Lgr5 tumor cell population mediates resistance to Smoothened inhibitor in Basal Cell Carcinoma. Nature. ISSN 1476-4687

Akbar, Mohammad and Ahn, Mee and Bashaw, Dennis and Blithe, Diana and Berry-Bibee, Erin and Davis, Daniel and Day, Ruth and Edelman, Alison and Hochel, Joachim and Huang, Shiew-Mei and Jamshidi, Roxanne and Kim, Myong-Jin and Kim, Na Hyung and Lee, LaiMing and Li, Li and Purohit, Vivek and Turpin, Jim and Scott, Pamela and Shon, Jihong and Soule, Lisa and Strauss, David and Sun, Haiying and Tassinari, Melissa and Tepper, Naomi and Willett, Gerald and Zhang, Lei and Zhang, Nan and Zhao, Ping and Yu, Chongwoo (2018) FDA Public Meeting Report on “Drug Interactions with Hormonal Contraceptives: Public Health and Drug Development Implication”. Journal of Clinial Pharmacology.

Albiol, Laia and Cilla, Myriam and Pflanz, David and Kramer, Ina and Kneissel, Michaela and Duda, Georg N. and Willie, Bettina M. and Checa, Sara (2018) Sost deficiency leads to reduced mechanical strains at the tibia midshaft in strain-matched in vivo loading experiments in mice. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Alexander, Schuhmacher and Oliver, Gassmann and Nigel, McCracken and Hinder, Markus (2018) Open innovation and external sources of innovation. An opportunity to fuel the R&D pipeline and enhance decision making? Journal of Translational Medicine, 16 (1). ISSN 14795876

Andersson, Martin and Lipshutz, Bruce and Gallou, Fabrice (2018) Nanoparticle structure in TPGS-750M surfactant based organic synthesis modeled by COSMO-RS. European journal of organic chemistry, 24. pp. 6778-6786.

Antonova-Koch, Yevgeniya and Meister, Stephan and Abraham, Matthew and Ottilie, Sabine and Vanaerschot, Manu and Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Jado and Calla, Jaeson and Plouffe, David and Luth, Madeline and Zhong, Yang and Chen, Kaisheng and Owen, Edward and Lukens, Amanda and Sakata-Kata, Tomoyo and Maher, Steven and Chaumeau, Victor and Serrano, Fernando Neria and Eribez, Korina and Taggard, Cullin McClean and Roullier, Melanie and Siegel, Dionicio and Nosten, Francois and Kyle, Dennis and Gamo, Francisco-Javier and Zhou, Yingyao and Llinas, Manuel and Fidock, David and Wirth, Dyann and Burrows, Jeremy and Campo, Brice and Winzeler, Elizabeth (2018) Open-source discovery of chemical leads for next-generation chemoprotective antimalarials. Science, 362 (6419). ISSN 10959203

Appleton, Brent and Benton, Bret and De Vicente Fidalgo, Javier and Drumm Iii, Joseph and Feng, Brian and Geng, Mei and Lu, Yipin and Mamo, Mulugeta and Moreau, Bob and Mergo, Wosenu and Skepper, Colin and Steffek, Micah and Takeoka, Ken and Uehara, Kyoko and Wang, Lisha and Wei, Jun-Rong and Xie, Lili and Xu, Wenjian and Zhang, Qiong and Li, Cindy and Hu, Cheng (2018) Discovery and Optimization of Phosphopantetheine Adenylyltransferase Inhibitors with Gram-Negative Antibacterial Activity. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 61 (8). pp. 3325-3349. ISSN 15204804

Appleton, Brent and Blechschmidt, Anke and Balibar, Carl and Benton, Bret and De Vicente Fidalgo, Javier and Drumm Iii, Joseph and Feng, Brian and Geng, Mei and Lingel, Andreas and Lu, Yipin and Mamo, Mulugeta and Mergo, Wosenu and Moreau, Bob and Polyakov, Valery and Skepper, Colin and Smith, Thomas and Takeoka, Ken and Uehara, Kyoko and Wang, Lisha and Wei, Jun-Rong and Weiss, Andrew and Xie, Lili and Xu, Wenjian and Zhang, Qiong and Li, Cindy (2018) Fragment-Based Drug Discovery of Inhibitors of Phosphopantetheine Adenylyltransferase from Gram-Negative Bacteria. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 61 (8). pp. 3309-3324. ISSN 15204804

Argikar, Aneesh and Argikar, Upendra (2018) Mesentery: An ADME perspective on a 'new' organ. Drug metabolism reviews. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1097-9883

Argikar, Upendra (2018) Saccharolactone: the history, the myth, and the practice. Current drug metabolism, 19. pp. 304-309. ISSN 1875-5453

Arias, H R and Feuerbach, Dominik and Ortells, M (2018) Bupropion inhibits human α3β4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by interacting with luminal and non-luminal sites. Neurotransmitter.

Arias, HR and Feuerbach, Dominik and Schmidt, Bernd and Heydenreich, Matthias and Paz, Christian and Ortells, MO (2018) Drimane sesquiterpenoids purified from Drimys winteri inhibit the human α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by noncompetitive mechanisms. Journal of natural products. ISSN 1520-6025; 0163-3864

Arias, HR and Vázquez-Gómez, E and Hernández-Abrego, A and Gallino, S and Feuerbach, Dominik and Ortells, MO and Elgoyhen, AB and García-Colunga, J (2018) Tricyclic antidepressants inhibit hippocampal α7*and α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by different mechanisms. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology.

Auberson, Yves and Briard, Emmanuelle and Rudolph, Bettina and Kaupmann, Klemens and Smith, Paul and Oberhauser, Berndt (2018) PET Imaging of T Cells: Target Identification and Feasibility Assessment. ChemMedChem. ISSN 18607187

Auld, Douglas S. and Narahari, Janaki and Ho, Pei-i and Casalena, Dominick and Nguyen, Vy and Cirbaite, Evelina and Hughes, Doug and Daly, John and Webb, Brian (2018) Characterization and Use of TurboLuc Luciferase as a Reporter for High-Throughput Assays. Biochemistry. ISSN 0006-2960

Avery, Danielle A and Kane, Elisa and Nguyen, Tina and Lau, Anthony and Nguyen, Akira and Payne, Kathryn and Lenthall, Ellen and Wei, Shi and Brigden, henry and French , Elise and Bier, Julia and Hermes, Jana R and Zahra, David and Sewell, William and Boztug, Kaan and Meyts, Isabelle and Choo, Sharon and Hsu, Peter and Wong, Melanie and Berglund, Lucinda and Gray, Paul and O'Sullivan, Michael and Cole, Therese and Holland, Steven M and Ma, Cindy S and Burkhart, Christoph and Corcoran, Lynn M and Phan, Tri G and Brink, Robert and Uzel, Gulbu and Deenick, Elissa K and Tanguye, Stuart G (2018) Pathogenic germline activating mutations in PIK3CD compromise B-cell development and function, underlying humoral defects in human primary immunodeficiency. Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Avery, Danielle A and Kane, Elisa and Nguyen, Tina and Lau, Anthony and Nguyen, Akira and Payne, Kathryn and Lenthall, Ellen and Wei, Shi and Brigden, henry and French , Elise and Bier, Julia and Hermes, Jana R and Zahra, David and Sewell, William and Boztug, Kaan and Meyts, Isabelle and Choo, Sharon and Hsu, Peter and Wong, Melanie and Berglund, Lucinda and Gray, Paul and O'Sullivan, Michael and Cole, Therese and Holland, Steven M and Ma, Cindy S and Burkhart, Christoph and Corcoran, Lynn M and Phan, Tri G and Brink, Robert and Uzel, Gulbu and Deenick, Elissa K and Tanguye, Stuart G (2018) Pathogenic germline activating mutations in PIK3CD intrinsically compromise B-cell development and function, underlying humoral defects in human primary immunodeficiency. Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Awale, Mahendra and Sirockin, Finton and Stiefl, Nikolaus and Reymond, Jean-Louis (2018) Drug Analogs from Fragment Based Long Short-Term Memory Generative Neural Networks. ChemRXiv.


Badal Tejedor, Maria and Pazesh, Samaneh and Nordgren, Niklas and Rutland, Mark and Schuleit, Michael and Alderborn, Göran and Millqvist Fureby, Anna (2018) Milling induced amorphisation and recrystallisation of α-lactose monohydrate. International journal of pharmaceutics, 537. pp. 140-147. ISSN 1873-3476; 0378-5173

Badaoui, Magd and Kells, Adam and Molteni, Carla and Dickson, Callum and Hornak, Viktor and Rosta, Edina (2018) Calculating kinetic rates and membrane permeability from biased simulation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. ISSN 1520-61061520-5207

Bardet, Maureen and Unterreiner, Adeline and Malinverni, Claire and Lafossas, Frederique and Vedrine, Corinne and Boesch, Danielle and Kolb, Yeter and Kaiser, Daniel and Glueck, Anton and Schneider, Martin Alexander and Katopodis, Andreas and Renatus, Martin and Simic, Oliver and Schlapbach, Achim and Quancard, Jean and Regnier, Catherine and Bold, Guido and Pissot Soldermann, Carole and Carballido, Jose and Kovarik, Jiri and Calzascia, Thomas and Bornancin, Frederic (2018) The T-cell fingerprint of MALT1 paracaspase revealed by selective inhibition. Immunology and cell biology.

Barkley, Deborah and Han, Sang Uk and Koga, Tadanori and Rudick, Jonathan G. (2018) Peptide–dendron hybrids that adopt sequence-encoded β-sheet conformations. Polymer Chemistry. ISSN 1759-9954

Barrow, Alexander/D and Edeling, Melissa/A and Trifonov, Vladimir and Luo, Jingqin and Goyal, Piyush and Bohl, Benjamin and Bando, Jennifer and Kim, Albert and Andahazy, Mary and Melocchi, Laura and Bugatti, Mattia and Vermi, Wiliam and Fremont, Daved and Cox, Sarah and Cella, Marina and Schmedt, Christian and Colonna, Marco (2018) Natural Killer Cells Control Tumor Growth by Sensing a Growth Factor. Cell, 172 (3). 534-548.e19. ISSN 10974172

Beach, Aaron and Wassmann, Paul and Lorenz, Thorsten (2018) Analytical strategies for developability assessment of therapeutic proteins. American Pharmaceutical Review, 21 (4). ISSN 10998012

Beato, Stefania and Kourentas, Alexandros and Vertzoni, Maria and Barmpatsalou, Vicky and Butler, James and Holm, Rene and Rosenberg, Joerg and Tannergren, Christer and Symillides, Mira and Reppas, Christos (2018) The use of BioGIT system to assess the impact of dose and formulation on early exposure to low solubility drugs after oral administration. The AAPS journal, 20 (71). pp. 1-12. ISSN 10-1208

Beckmann, Nicolau and Giorgetti, Elisa and Neuhaus, Anna and Zurbruegg, Stefan and Accart Gris, Nathalie and Smith, Paul and Perdoux, Julien and Perrot, Ludovic and Nash, Mark and Desrayaud, Sandrine and Wipfli, Peter and Frieauff, Wilfried and Shimshek, Derya (2018) Brain region-specific enhancement of remyelination and prevention of demyelination by the CSF1R kinase inhibitor BLZ945. Acta neuropathologica communications.. ISSN 2051-5960

Beckwith, Rohan (2018) Reactive carbon species tamed for synthesis. Nature, 554 (7690). pp. 36-38. ISSN 14764687

Becquet, Mike and Laborde, Laurent and Texier, Celine and Sterker, Dario and Gschwind, Hans-Peter and Pfaar, Ulrike and Wartmann, Markus and O'Reilly, Terence and Mcsheehy, Paul M.J. (2018) Continuous low-dose infusion of patupilone increases the therapeutic index in mouse and rat tumour models. Anti-Cancer Drugs, 29 (7). pp. 691-701. ISSN 14735741

Beninson, Jennifer A and Lofgren, Jennifer L and Lester, Patrick A and Hileman, Madeline M and Berkowitz, Daniel J and Myers, Daniel D (2018) Analgesic Efficacy and Hematologic Effects of Robenacoxib in Mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS, 57 (3). pp. 258-267. ISSN 1559-6109

Bennet, Bindu M. and Regan, Karen S. and Romeike, Annette and Schafer, Kenneth and Thibodeau, Michael and Thomas, Heath and Colman, Karyn and Fikes, James and Francke, Sabine and Geoly, Frank and Keirstead, Natalie and Schorsch, Frederic and Vahle, John (2018) The Pathology Community’s Interpretation of Settiagounder’s Proposals on GLP Process as Applied to Pathology Peer Review. Journal of Regulatory Science, 6 (1). v-xi.

Benton, Bret and de Vicente, Javier and Drumm, Joseph and Feng, Brian and Geng, Mei and Li, Cindy and Moreau, Bob and Rath, Christopher and Shen, Xiaoyu and Skepper, Colin and Steffek, Micah and Takeoka, Kenneth and Wang, Lisha and Wei, Jun-Rong and Xu, Wenjian and Zhang, Qiong (2018) Optimization of CoaD Inhibitors against Gram-Negative Organisms through Targeted Metabolomics. ACS Infectious Diseases, 4 (3). pp. 391-402. ISSN 23738227

Bergsdorf, Christian and Kallen, Joerg and Galimberti, Ivan and Cobos-Correa, Amanda and Kaufmann, Markus and Roma, Guglielmo and Elhajouji, Azeddine and Uteng, Marianne and Hunziker, Juerg and Arnaud, Bertrand and Guibourdenche, Christel and Stiefl, Nikolaus and Roethlisberger, Patrik and Polyakov, Valery and Von Matt, Peter and Martus, Hans-Joerg and Izaac, Aude and Leder, Lukas and Holzinger, Sandra and Haenni, Simon and Freuler, Felix and Brichet, Murielle and Bernhard, Mario and Lerchner, Andreas (2018) X-ray Structures and Feasibility Assessment of CLK2 Inhibitors for Phelan–McDermid Syndrome. ChemMedChem, 13 (18). pp. 1997-2007. ISSN 18607187

Bitter, Hans and Orlando, Elena and Marco, Ruella and Jun, Xu and David, Barrett and Joseph, Fraietta and Tyler , Reich and David , Ambrose and Michael, Klichinsky and Olga, Shestova and Prachi, Patel and Irina, Kulikovskaya and Farzana, Nazimuddin and Vijay, Bhoj and Shannon, Maude and Bruce, Levine and Christopher, Nobles and Frederic, Bushman and Regina, Young and John, Scholler and Saar, Gill and Carl, June and Stephan, Grupp and Joseph, Melenhorst and Simon, Lacey (2018) Induction of resistance to chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy by transduction of a single leukemic B cell. Nature Medicine, 24 (10). pp. 1499-1503. ISSN 1546170X

Blais, Johanne and Lopez, Sara and Li, Cindy and Ruzin, Alexey and Ranjikar, Srijan and Dean, Charles and Leeds, Jennifer and Casarez, Anthony and Simmons, Bob and Reck, Folkert (2018) In Vitro Activity of LYS228, a Novel Monobactam Antibiotic, against Multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. ISSN 1098-6596

Blais, Johanne and Lopez, Sara and Li, Cindy and Ruzin, Alexey and Ranjikar, Srijan and Dean, Charles and Leeds, Jennifer and Casarez, Anthony and Simmons, Bob and Reck, Folkert (2018) In vitro activity of LYS228, a novel monobactam antibiotic, against multidrug-resistant enterobacteriaceae. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 62 (10). pp. 1-10. ISSN 10986596

Blasko, Andrei and Tam, Yat Kong and Haidar Ahmad, Imad A. and Sajeevi, Gunasekera and Irina, Oshchepkova and Alexey, Galin and Andrey, Vazhentsev and Vadim, Tashlitsky and David, Adams (2018) A Four-Dimensional (4D) Stability Indicating Analytical Method Optimization and Potency Assay Prediction Using MS and UV Peak Tracking. Journal of Applied Pharmacy, 10 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1920-4159

Blasko, Andrei and Tam, Yat Kong and Kadrichu, Nani and Ahmad, Imad A. Haidar (2018) Amikacin analysis and aerosol particle size distribution (aPSD) determination using charged aerosol detector (CAD). Atlas of Science, - (April ). pp. 1-3.

Blatter, Markus and Sellier, Chantal and Cerro-Herreros, Estefanía and Allain, Frédéric H.T. and Llamusi, Beatriz and Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas (2018) RbFOX1/MBNL1 competition for CCUG RNA repeats binding contributes to myotonic dystrophy type 1/type 2 differences. Nature Communications, 9 (1). ISSN 20411723

Boehme, Philip and Hansen, Arne and Roubenoff, Ronenn and Scheeren, Joseph and Herrmann, Maximilian and Mondritzki, Thomas and Ehlers, Jan and Truebel, Hubert (2018) How soon will digital endpoints become a cornerstone for future drug development? Drug Discovery Today. ISSN 18785832

Bonhoeffer, Bastian and Kwade, Arno and Juhnke, Michael (2018) Alternative manufacturing concepts for solid oral dosage forms from drug nanosuspensions using fluid dispensing and forced drying technology. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 107 (3). pp. 909-921. ISSN 00223549

Bot, Corina T. and Juhasz, Krisztina and Häusermann, Fabian and Liudmila , Polonchuk and Traebert, Martin and Stölzle-Feix2, Sonja (2018) Cross - site comparison of excitation-contraction coupling using impedance and field potential recordings in hiPSC cardiomyocytes. Journal of pharmacological and toxicological methods. ISSN 10568719

Bourgoint, Clelia and Rispal , Delphine and Berti, Marina and Filipuzzi, Ireos and Helliwell, Stephen and Prouteau, Manuel and Loewith, Robbie (2018) The Target of Rapamycin Complex 2-dependent phosphorylation of Pan1 by Akl1 controls endocytosis dynamics. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293 (31). ISSN 0021-92581083-351X

Brocklehurst, Cara and Hartwieg, Constanze and Palmieri, Marco and Rufle, Dominik and Gallou, Fabrice (2018) Microtiter Plate (MTP) Reaction Screening and Optimization of Surfactant Chemistry: Examples of Suzuki-Miyaura and Buchwald-Hartwig Cross-Couplings in Water. Organic Process Research & Development. ISSN 1083-61601520-586X


Calabretta, Sara and Vogel, Gillian and Yu, Zhenbao and Choquet, Karine and Darbelli, Lama and Nicholson, Thomas and Kleinman, Claudia and Richard, Stephane (2018) Loss of PRMT5 promotes PDGFRa degradation during oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelination. Developmental cell, 46 (4). pp. 426-440. ISSN 15345807

Calvani, R and Bejuit, R and Roller-Wirnsberger, R and Barnebei, R and Vellas, B and Tosato, M and Jonsson , P and Grodzicki, T and Landi, F and Del Signore , S and Rodrigues-Manas, L and Skalska, A and Schols, A and Ryznarova , I and Msihid , J and Sinclair, A and Pahor, M and Maggio, M and Topinkova, E and Cruz-Jentoft, A and Roubenoff, Ronenn and Dantoine, T and Di Bari, M and Freiberger, E and Cesari, M and Marzetti, E and Sieber, C and Strandberg, T and Cherubini, A (2018) The “Sarcopenia and Physical fRailty IN older people: multi-componenT Treatment strategies” (SPRINTT) randomized controlled trial: Case finding, screening and characteristics of eligible participants. Experimental Gerontology, 113. pp. 48-57. ISSN 18736815

Capparelli, Claudia and Purwin , Timothy J. and Heilman , Shea and Chervoneva, Inna and McCue, Peter and Davies, Michael A. and Gershenwald, Jeffrey and Aplin, Andrew E. (2018) Stromal neuregulin-1 modulates the response to MEK inhibitors in WT BRAF/WT NRAS (WT/WT) melanomas. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 17 (1). ISSN 15388514

Carcache, David and Vulpetti, Anna and Kallen, Joerg and Mattes, Henri and Orain, David and Stringer, Rowan and Vangrevelinghe, Eric and Wolf, Romain and Kaupmann, Klemens and Ottl, Johannes and Dawson King, Janet and Cooke, Nigel Graham and Hoegenauer, Klemens and Billich, Andreas and Wagner, Juergen and Guntermann, Christine and Hintermann, Samuel (2018) Optimizing a weakly binding fragment into a potent RORγt inverse agonist with efficacy in an in vivo inflammation model. Journal of medicinal chemistry.

Cardoso, Ana-Luisa and Fernandes, Adelaide and Aguilar-Pimentel, Juan Antonio and Hrabě de Angelis, Martin and Ribeiro Guedes, , Joana and Brito, Maria Alexandra and Ortolano, Saida and Pani, Giovambattista and Athanasopoulou, Sophia and Gonos, Efstathios S. and Schosserer, Markus and Grillari, Johannes and Peterson, Pärt and Guvenc Tuna, Bilge and Dogan, Soner and van Os, Ronald and Meyer, Angelika and Trendelenburg, Anne-Ulrike (2018) Towards frailty biomarkers: Candidates from genes and pathways regulated in aging and age-related diseases. Ageing Research Reviews, 47. pp. 214-277. ISSN 18729649

Cardoso, Ana-Luisa and Fernandes, Adelaide and Aguilar-Pimentel, Juan Antonio and Hrabě de Angelis, Martin and Ribeiro Guedes, , Joana and Brito, Maria Alexandra and Ortolano, Saida and Pani, Giovambattista and Athanasopoulou, Sophia and Gonos, Efstathios S. and Schosserer, Markus and Grillari, Johannes and Peterson, Pärt and Guvenc Tuna, Bilge and Dogan, Soner and van Os, Ronald and Meyer, Angelika and Trendelenburg, Anne-Ulrike (2018) Towards frailty biomarkers: Candidates from genes and pathways regulated in aging and age-related diseases. Ageing Research Reviews, 47. pp. 214-277. ISSN 18729649

Cardoso, Ana-Luisa and Fernandes, Adelaide and Aguilar-Pimentel, Juan Antonio and Hrabě de Angelis, Martin and Ribeiro Guedes, , Joana and Brito, Maria Alexandra and Ortolano, Saida and Pani, Giovambattista and Athanasopoulou, Sophia and Gonos, Efstathios S. and Schosserer, Markus and Grillari, Johannes and Peterson, Pärt and Guvenc Tuna, Bilge and Dogan, Soner and van Os, Ronald and Meyer, Angelika and Trendelenburg, Anne-Ulrike (2018) Towards frailty biomarkers: Candidates from genes and pathways regulated in aging and age-related diseases. Ageing Research Reviews, 47. pp. 214-277. ISSN 18729649

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