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Sharing meaningful and relevant assay data – the experts' opinion

Groot Kormelink, Paul, Bouhelal, Rochdi, Corminboeuf , Olivier, Kenakin , Terry, Durroux , Thierry, Pin , Jean-Philippe, Roux, Thomas, Bdioui, Sara, Trinquet, Eric, Pierre, Pierre, Scholler , Pauline and Degorce, Francois (2018) Sharing meaningful and relevant assay data – the experts' opinion. CisBio Expert Opinion.


The question of methods used for analyte quantification (signal vs concentration determination, parameters, and format) continues to generate passionate debates and divergent understanding. As of today, there is still a communication gap between researchers depending on their field of expertise and background (HTS, pharmacology, lead optimization phases, medicinal chemistry…).
This white paper precisely addresses that topic and summarizes the workshop Cisbio chaired with a focus group of renowned researchers in the field of GPCR biology and lead discovery (*).
Our goal was to come up with methodology recommendations on which biologists, screeners, pharmacologists and medicinal chemists could share a common understanding, and to provide guidance based on facts and results.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 20 Mar 2018 00:45
Last Modified: 20 Mar 2018 00:45


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