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Postdoc position advertisement

Nigsch, Florian (2018) Postdoc position advertisement. Novartis postdoc internet site.


Postdoctoral position in Computational Sciences, Basel

We are currently seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position for a computational project. We are characterizing fibrotic processes in the liver in the context of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease/steatohepatitis (NAFLD/NASH) with the full range of discovery technologies available: both single cell and bulk transcriptomic sequencing of patient-derived material, genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 genetic screening, low molecular weight compound screening, preclinical animal models and organoid systems. Concurrently, we characterize the biology of non-healing topical wounds (e.g. diabetic foot ulcer). Focusing on the biological processes involved, it is emerging that the biology at the core of fibrosis, wound healing, and some connective tissue disorders, is conserved.
The aim of the research project is to better understand the pathophysiology of extracellular matrix biology in the context of fibrotic disease. We will use all appropriate data of sufficient quality to generate a comprehensive understanding of conserved homeostatic and disease processes of relevance to fibrosis across different organs. These data will allow us to derive tissue-specific disease signatures that we then use to identify potential novel approaches for pharmacological modulation (e.g., computational repurposing) of the malfunctioning processes and pathways, and we will pursue experimental validation of these.

This research project is highly interdisciplinary, and combines data from current state-of-the-art technologies. Through the application of advanced computational analysis of extracellular matrix biology we aim to define new starting points for drug discovery.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 30 Jan 2018 00:45
Last Modified: 30 Jan 2018 00:45


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