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Abdallah, Nasri (2022) People of TM: Video of Nasri Abdallah. YouTube.

Adachi, Yuichiro, Fu, Fumin, Pietropaolo, Michael, Pandit, Shilpa, Li, Weiyan, Murakami, Yutaka, Grewal, Pam, Lussier, Jen, Deyneko, Galina, Turner, Gordon, Shetty, Suraj, Tarnavski, Oleg, Liu, Jing, Cui, Lei, Taggart, Andrew, Waters, Gerry and Coughlin, Shaun (2022) Lack of authentic atrial fibrillation in commonly used murine atrial fibrillation models. PloS one, 17 (1). e0256512. ISSN 1932-6203

Ahire, Deepak, Patel, Mitesh, Deshmukh, Sujal and Prasad, Bhagwat (2022) Quantification of accurate compositions and total abundance of homologous proteins in human tissues using conserved-plus-surrogate peptide (CPSP) approach: Application in the quantification of UDP glucuronosyltransferases. Drug metabolism and disposition. ISSN 1521-009X

Ahmed Madny, Muzaffaruddin, Deshpande, Pandurang, Tumuluri, Sri Venkata, Borde, Parag Prakash and Sangana, Ramachandra (2022) Utilization of in silico tools to investigate the in vivo performance of vildagliptin modified release (MR) 100 mg tablets in healthy subjects using physiologically based biopharmaceutics modeling (PBBM) and evaluate an approach to establish clinically relevant dissolution specifications. AAPS PharmSciTech, 23 (108). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1530-9932

Allmendinger, Thomas, Furet, Pascal, Denay, Regis, Kotoni, Dorina, Bixel, Dominique and Anokwah, Daniel K. (2022) 9-epi-Artemisinin - How a single stereo center affects chemical reactivity and activity. Helvetica Chimica Acta. ISSN 0018-019X1522-2675

Argikar, Upendra, Bednarczyk, Dallas, Cho, Young, Dore, Michael, Jenn, Dumouchel, Ho, Samuel, Hoegenauer, Klemens, Kawanami, Toshio, Mathieu, Simon, Erik, Meredith, Moebitz, Henrik, Stephen, Murphy, Parthasarathy, Van, Pissot Soldermann, Carole, Santos, Jobette, Serena, Silver, Skolnik, Suzanne, Stojanovic, Aleksandar, Chen, Zhuoliang and Blatter, Markus (2022) Paradoxical Increase of Permeability and Lipophilicity with the Increasing Topological Polar Surface Area within a Series of PRMT5 Inhibitors. Journal of medicinal chemistry. ISSN 1520-4804

Auberson, Yves, Lièvre, Akane, Desrayaud, Sandrine and Briard, Emmanuelle (2022) A practical approach to the optimization of positron emission tomography imaging agents for the central nervous system. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, 65 (13). pp. 343-350. ISSN 1099-1344

Axelsson, Gisli Thor, Gudmundsson, Gunnar, Aspelund, Thor, Putman, Rachel, Gudmundsson, Elias F, Hatabu, Hiroto, Gudmundsdottir, Valborg, Gudjonsson, Alexander, Launer, Lenore J, Jennings, Lori, Hunninghake, Gary M, Emilsson, Valur and Gudnason, Vilmundur (2022) The Proteomic Profile of Interstitial Lung Abnormalities. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. ISSN 1535-4970

Badaoui, Magd , Buigues, Pedro J., Berta, Dénes , Mandana, Gaurav M., Kato, Mitsunori, Dickson, Callum, Hornak, Viktor, Molteni, Carla , Parsons, Simon D. and Rosta, Edina (2022) Combined Free-Energy Calculation and Machine Learning Methods for Understanding Ligand Unbinding Kinetics. Journal of chemical theory and computation. ISSN 1549-9626

Badee, Justine Marine (2022) Current Practices, Gap Analysis and Proposed Roadmaps for PBPK Modeling of Cytochrome P450 Induction: An Industry Perspective. CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology..

Barabas, Amanda J, Darbyshire, Amanda K, Schlegel, Sylvia L and Gaskill, Brianna N (2022) Evaluation of Ambient Sound, Vibration, and Light in Rodent Housing Rooms. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. ISSN 1559-6109

Barabas, Amanda J, Darbyshire, Amanda K, Schlegel, Sylvia L and Gaskill, Brianna N (2022) Evaluation of Ambient Sound, Vibration, and Light in Rodent Housing Rooms. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 61 (6). pp. 660-671. ISSN 1559-6109

Barabas, Amanda J., Aryal, Uma K. and Gaskill, Brianna N. (2022) Protein profiles from used nesting material, saliva, and urine correspond with social behavior in group housed male mice, Mus musculus. Journal of Proteomics, 266. p. 104685. ISSN 18743919

Barabas, Amanda J., Robbins, Lindsey A. and Gaskill, Brianna N. (2022) Home cage measures of Alzheimer's disease in the rTg4510 mouse model. Genes, Brain and Behavior, 21 (2). ISSN 1601-1848

Barbosa, Ines, Gopalakrishnan, Rajaraman, Mercan, Samuele, Mourikis, Thanos, Martin, Typhaine, Wengert, Simon, Sheng, Caibin, Ji, Fei, Lopes, Rui, Knehr, Judith, Altorfer, Marc, Lindeman, Alicia, Russ, Carsten, Naumann, Ulrike, Golji, Javad, Sprouffske, Kathleen, Barys, Louise, Schmelzle, Tobias and Galli, Giorgio (2022) Large-scale functional epigenomic screens reveal cancer lineage-specific regulation of YAP responsive elements. Nature Communications.

Bassand, C, Benabed, L, Charlon, S, Verin, J, Freitag, J, Siepmann, F, Soulestin, J and Siepmann, J (2022) 3D printed PLGA implants: APF DDM vs. FDM. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society. ISSN 1873-4995

Bassand, C., Benabed, L., Freitag, J., Verin, J., Siepmann, F. and Siepmann, J. (2022) How bulk fluid renewal can affect in vitro drug release from PLGA implants: Importance of the experimental set-up. International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X, 4. pp. 50-60. ISSN 25901567

Bassand, C., Benabed, L., Verin, J., Danede, F., Lefol, L.A., Willart, J.F., Siepmann, F. and Siepmann, J. (2022) Hot melt extruded PLGA implants loaded with ibuprofen: How heat exposure alters the physical drug state. Journal of drug delivery science and technology., 73. ISSN 17732247

Bassand, C., Freitag, J., Benabed, L., Verin, J., Siepmann, F. and Siepmann, J. (2022) PLGA implants for controlled drug release: Impact of the diameter. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 177. pp. 50-60. ISSN 09396411

Bassand, Celine, Villois, Alessia, Gianola, Lucas, Laue, Grit, Ramazani, Farshad, Riebesehl, Bernd, Sanchez-Felix, Manuel, Ullrich, Thomas, Sedo, Kurt and Duvnjak Romic, Marieta (2022) Smart design of patient centric long-acting products: from preclinical to marketed pipeline trends and opportunities. Expert opinion on drug delivery. ISSN 1744-7593

Bassand, Celine, Verin, Jeremy, Lamatsch, Martin, Siepmann, Florence and Siepmann, Juergen (2022) How agarose gels surrounding PLGA implants limit swelling and slow down drug release. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 343. pp. 255-266. ISSN 1873-4995

Beauvois, Hugo (2022) Intership report Hugo Beauvois. Thesis submitted at school (Lycée Lavoisier MULHOUSE).

Bechtold-Peters, Karoline, Gervais, Annick, Dirksen, Eef, Lennart, Andrew, Yi, Linda, Burkitt, Will, Cao, Li, D'Alessio, Valerio, Greven, Simone, Lössner, Christopher, Niu, Ben, O'Riordan, Tomas, Reusch, Dietmar, Shearer, Justin, Spencer, David and Xu, Wei (2022) Use of Multi Attribute Method by mass spectrometry as a QC release and stability tool for biopharmaceuticals – Regulatory Considerations. published on EFPIA homepage (see, N/A (N/A). N/A. ISSN N/A

Bechtold-Peters, Karoline, Wuchner, Klaus, Yi, Linda, Chery, Cyrille, Junge, Friederike, Crotts, George, Rinaldi, Gianluca, Starkey, Jason, Shumann, Melissa, Leiss, Michael, Jahn, Michael, Garidel, Patrick, De Ruiter, Rien, Richer, Sarah, Cao, Shawn, Peuker, Sebastian, Huille, Sylvain, Wang, Tingting and Le Brun, Virginie (2022) Industry Perspective on the Use and Characterization of Polysorbates for Biopharmaceutical Products Part 2: Survey Report on Control Strategy Preparing for the Future. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 111 (11). pp. 2955-2967. ISSN 1520-6017

Bechtold-Peters, Karoline (2022) Industry Perspective on the use and Characterization of Polysorbates for Biopharmaceutical Products Part 1: Survey Report on Current State and Common Practices for Handling and Control of Polysorbates. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 111 (5). pp. 1280-1291. ISSN 00223549

Bechtold-Peters, Karoline, Paboojian, Stephen and Weikart, Christopher (2022) Improved Drug Stability Stored in Lubricant-Free Hybrid Syringes. American pharmaceutical review, 25 (4 (May). ISSN 10998012

Beckers, Maximilian, Fechner, Nikolas and Stiefl, Nikolaus (2022) 25 Years of Small-Molecule Optimization at Novartis: A Retrospective Analysis of Chemical Series Evolution. Journal of chemical information and modeling, 62 (23). pp. 6002-6021. ISSN 1549-960X

Beckers, Maximilian, Fechner, Nikolas and Stiefl, Nikolaus (2022) Cover art to "25 years of small molecule optimization at Novartis: A retrospective analysis of chemical series evolution". Journal of chemical information and modeling, 62 (23). pp. 5849-6286.

Beckmann, Nicolau (2022) Editorial for "Impact of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced and Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging on Detection of Early Local Recurrence of Soft Tissue Sarcoma”. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging, 57 (2). pp. 631-632. ISSN doi: 10.1002/jmri.28295

Beckmann, Nicolau (2022) Editorial for "Evaluation of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Measures of Lung Congestion and Endothelial Permeability in Heart Failure: A Prospective Method Validation Study”. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. ISSN 1053-18071522-2586

Benito-Villalvilla, Cristina, de la Rocha-Munoz, Andres, Lopez-Abente, Jacobo, Eggel, Alexander, Bottoli, Ivan, Severin, Thomas, Woisetschlaeger, Maximilian and Palomares, Oscar (2022) Ligelizumab impairs IgE-binding to plasmacytoid dendritic cells more potently than omalizumab and restores IFN-α production and FOXP3+ Treg generation. Allergy. ISSN 1398-9995

Berghausen, Joerg, Petersson, Carl, Zhou, Xin, Cebrian, Brian, Davies, Michael, DeMent, Kevin, Eddershaw, Peter, Emami Riedmaier, Arian, Leblanc, Alix, Manveski, Nenad, Marathe, Punit, Mavroudis, Panteleimon, McDougall, Robin, Parrott, Neil, Reichel, Andreas, Rotter, Charles, Tess, David, Volak, Laurie, Xiao, Guangqing, Yang, Zhen and Baker, James (2022) Current approaches for predicting human PK for small molecule development candidates: Findings from the IQ Human PK Prediction Working Group Survey. The AAPS journal.

Betschart, Claudia, Faller, Michael, Zink, Florence, Hemmig, Rene, Blank, Jutta, Vangrevelinghe, Eric, Bourrel, Marjorie, Glatthar, Ralf, Behnke, Dirk, Barker, Kerstin, Heizmann, Andreas, Angst, Daniela, Nimsgern, Pierre, Jacquier, Sebastien, Junt, Tobias, Collignon Zipfel, Geraldine, Ruzzante, Giulia, Loetscher, Pius, Limonta, Sarah, Hawtin, Stuart, Andre, Cedric Bernard, Boulay, Thomas, Feifel, Roland and Knoepfel, Thomas (2022) Structure-based optimization of a fragment like TLR8 binding screening hit to an in vivo efficacious TLR7/8 antagonist. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. ISSN 1948-58751948-5875

Bluemel, Oliver, Friess, Wolfgang, Rodrigues, Miguel, Geraldes, Vitor, Pavlišič, Andraž, Likozar, Blaž and Bechtold-Peters, Karoline (2022) Computational fluid dynamic simulations of temperature, cryoconcentration, and stress time during large-scale freezing and thawing of monoclonal antibody solutions. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 177. pp. 107-112. ISSN 1873-3441

Bluemel, Oliver, Bechtold-Peters, Karoline, Anuschek, Moritz, Buecheler, Jakob, Hoelzl, Georg and Friess, Wolfgang (2022) The effect of mAb and excipient cryoconcentration on long-term frozen storage stability - Part 1: Higher molecular weight species and subvisible particle formation. International journal of pharmaceutics: X, 4. p. 100108. ISSN 2590-1567

Bluemel, Oliver, Buecheler, Jakob, Hauptmann, Astrid, Hoelzl, Georg, Bechtold-Peters, Karoline and Friess, Wolfgang (2022) The effect of mAb and excipient cryoconcentration on long-term frozen storage stability - part 2: Aggregate formation and oxidation. International journal of pharmaceutics: X, 4. p. 100109. ISSN 2590-1567

Bluemel, Oliver, Friess, Wolfgang, Rodrigues, Miguel, Geraldes, Vitor, Bechtold-Peters, Karoline, Buecheler, Jakob, Hauptmann, Astrid and Hoelzl, Georg (2022) Evaluation of Two Novel Scale-Down Devices for Testing Monoclonal Antibody Aggregation During Large-Scale Freezing. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences. ISSN 1520-6017

Blume, T, Filser, SS, Sgobo, C, Peters, F, Neumann, Ulf, Shimshek, Derya, Saito, T, Saido, T, Brendel, M and Herms, J (2022) β‐secretase inhibition prevents structural spine plasticity deficits in App NL-G-F mice. Frontiers in aging neuroscience., 14. ISSN 1663-4365

Boesch, Julian, Pierrel, Eliane, Lambert, Christian, Doelemeyer, Arno, Kreider, Julie, Accart Gris, Nathalie and Summermatter, Serge (2022) Chemokine-like receptor 1 plays a critical role in modulating the regenerative and contractile properties of muscle tissue. Frontiers in physiology, 13. p. 1044488. ISSN 1664-042X

Bolon, Brad, Francke, Sabine, Caverly Rae, Jessica M., Polack, Evelyne, Regan, Karen S., McInnes, Elizabeth F., Romeike, Annette, Young, Jamie K., Colman, Karyn, Keane, Kevin, Perry, Rick, Jensen, Karl, Nakano-Ito, Kyoko and Galbreath, Elizabeth J. (2022) Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee Best Practices: Recommended ("Best") Practices for Informed (Non-blinded) Versus Masked (Blinded) Microscopic Evaluation in Animal Toxicity Studies. Toxicologic pathology, 50 (8). pp. 930-941. ISSN 1533-1601

Bondeson, Daniel, Tothova, Zuzana, Golub, Todd, Sellers, William and Ianari, Alessandra (2022) Systematic profiling of conditional degron tag technologies for target validation studies. Nature communications, 13 (1). p. 5495. ISSN 2041-1723

Bonhoeffer, Bastian, Kordikowski, Andreas, John, Edgar and Juhnke, Michael (2022) Numerical modelling of the dissolution of drug nanocrystals and its application to industrial product development. ADMET and DMPK. ISSN 1848-7718

Borsari, Chiara, Matagne, Brieuc, Goncharenko, Kristina, Moreira, Rui and Auberson, Yves (2022) The Facets of Diversity: The EFMC Perspective. ChemMedChem. e202200245. ISSN 1860-7187

Boulton, Craig (2022) People of TM: Video of Craig Boulton. LinkedIn & Youtube.

Bower, Nancy, Achanzar, William E., Boulifard, Virginie, Brink, Peter R., Kittel, Birgit and Vahle, John L. (2022) The Dog as a Second Species for Toxicology Testing Provides Value to Drug Development. International journal of toxicology. p. 10915818221125670. ISSN 1092-874X

Bowman, Christopher, Barrow, Paul, Erkman, Linda and Muller, Mireille (2022) Science-based approach to harmonize contraception recommendations in clinical trials and pharmaceutical labels. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. ISSN 1532-6535

Bray, Mark, Durand, Eric, de Weck, Antoine, Fang, Jian, Gabriel, Daniela, Janssens, Rens, Moutsatsos, Ioannis, Spiegel, Stephan and Zhang, Xian (2022) High-content cellular screen image analysis benchmark study. bioRxiv.

Bray, Mark, Durand, Eric, de Weck, Antoine, Fang, Jian, Gabriel, Daniela, Janssens, Rens, Moutsatsos, Ioannis, Spiegel, Stephan and Zhang, Xian (2022) High-content cellular screen image analysis benchmark study. bioRxiv.

Breustedt, Daniel (2022) Interpharma-Interview on surplus animals in transgenics breeding. Interpharma 3R report, n.a. (n.a.). n.a.-n.a.. ISSN n.a.

Brosig, Sebastian, Buecheler, Jakob, Chou, Danny, Christian, Twinkle, Das, Tapan, De Jong, Isabella, Fast, Jonas, Jagannathan, Bharat, Medina, Annette, Moussa, Ehab, Prajapati, Indira, Radwick, Allison and Singh, Shubhadra (2022) End-to-End Approach to Surfactant Selection, Risk Mitigation, and Control Strategies for Protein-Based Therapeutics. The AAPS journal, 25 (1). p. 6. ISSN 1550-7416

Bruin, Gerardus and Walles, Markus (2022) Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME) of Therapeutic Proteins: A White Paper on Current Industry Practices and Future Perspectives. Drug metabolism and disposition. ISSN doi: 10.1124/dmd.121.000461

Buller, Rebecca, Snajdrova, Radka and Moore, Charles (2022) Bioinformatic Toolbox for the Development of novel CH-Activation Biocatalysts (CH-Pred). Innosuisse Grant Submission.

Bunc, Marko, Boncina, Matjaz, Graf, Christian, Hadži , San and Lah, Jurij (2022) Aggregation Time Machine: A Platform for the Prediction and Optimization of Long-Term Antibody Stability Using Short-Term Kinetic Analysis. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 65 (3). pp. 2623-2632. ISSN 0022-26231520-4804

Byrd, Christopher J, McConn, Betty R, Gaskill, Brianna N, Schinckel, Allan P, Green-Miller, Angela R, Lay, Donald C and Johnson, Jay S (2022) Characterizing the effect of incrementally increasing dry bulb temperature on linear and nonlinear measures of heart rate variability in nonpregnant, mid-gestation, and late-gestation sows. Journal of Animal Science, 100 (1). ISSN 0021-8812

Böttinger, Katharina, Paul, Katrin, Esser-Skala, Wolfgang, Segl, Marius, Herwig, Christoph and Huber, Christian (2022) At-line quantitative profiling of monoclonal antibody products during bioprocessing using HPLC-MS. Analytica chimica acta, 1207. p. 339813. ISSN 1873-4324

Calonder, Claudio, Lotz, Gregor, Benstein, Karin, Bloem, Karien, Buddinger, Harm, Elm, Stefanie, Fernandez, Elena, Gorovits, Boris, Grudzinska-Goebel, Joanna, Janssen, Melody, Jawa, Vibha, Luo, LinLin, Malisauskas, Mantas, Michaut, Lydia, Schäfer, Martin, Spindeldreher, Sebastian, Ullmann, Martin, Weldingh, Karin Nana, Kromminga, Arno, Snoeck, Veerle, Kramer, Daniel and Joanne, Goodman (2022) When to Extend Monitoring of Anti-drug Antibodies for High-risk Biotherapeutics in Clinical Trials: an Opinion from the European Immunogenicity Platform. The AAPS journal, 24 (3). p. 68. ISSN 1550-7416

Casado-García, Ana, Isidro-Hernández, Marta , Oak, Ninad, Mayado, Andrea , Mann-Ran, Christine, Raboso-Gallego, Javier , Alemán-Artega, Silvia , Buhles, Alexandra, Sterker, Dario, Blanco, Oscar, Orfao, Alberto, Alonso-López, Diego, De Las Rivas, Javier, Riesco, Susana, Prieto-Matos, Pablo, Criado, Francisco Javier García, Cenador, María Begoña García, Radimerski, Thomas, Ramírez-Orellana, Manuel, Cobaleda, César, Yang, Jun J, Vicente-Dueñas, Carolina, Weiss, Andreas, Nichols, Kim E and Sánchez-García, Isidro (2022) Transient JAK/STAT pathway inhibition prevents natural occurring B-ALL development in genetically predisposed Pax5+/- mice. Cancer research, Epub a (canres). ISSN 1538-7445; 0008-5472

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Clarke, Adrian and Stoll, Dwight (2022) Analytically-speaking-podcast podcast "sometimes negative results turn out to be the most interesting ones": Adrian Clarke interviewed by Dwight Stoll. LC-GC europe : Solutions for Separation Scientists..

Combes, Francois Pierre, Li, Ying fei, Hoch, Matthias, Lorenzo, Sebastien, Ho, Yu-Yun and Sy, Sherwin (2022) Exposure-Efficacy Analysis of Asciminib in Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Chronic Phase. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, 112 (5). pp. 1040-1050. ISSN 1532-6535

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De Luca, Valeria (2022) People of TM: Video of Valeria de Luca. LinkedIn & YouTube.

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