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Energy Intake Models for Intermittent Operation of Dead-End Microfiltration Filling Line

Kapun, Aleks, Hrovat, Grega, Gradišek, Jure, Hriberšek, Matjaž, Ravnik, Jure, Bombek, Gorazd, Hribernik, Aleš, Gomboc, Timi and Zadravec, Matej (2022) Energy Intake Models for Intermittent Operation of Dead-End Microfiltration Filling Line. Energies, 15 (23). ISSN 1996-1073


In filling lines equipped with membrane separation devices in form of filters energy con-
sumption is only one of important working parameters, the other being sustainable filter
performance in terms of separation eficiency. As the filling line is typically equipped with a
valve, intermittent operation of the filter is an important form of its use. Whereas the overall
energy consumption of the filtration process is governed by the continuous operation mode,
the intermittent mode, characterized by opening/closing of the valve, contributes most to
problems of filter failure i.e. breakthrough of filtered particles through the membrane. In
this work, a model for determination of the energy intake of a microfiltration membrane
during the opening and closing of a valve is presented. The model is based on computa-
tional analysis of the pressure wave signals recorded during opening/closing of the valve
using Fourier transform, and expressed in a nondimensional filter area specific energy intake
form. The model is applied to the case of constant pressure dead-end microfiltration case
with three filter types: single membrane filter, stacked filter and pleated filter with filtration
surface areas ranging from 17.7cm2 to 2000cm2. Both clean filter as well as partially clogged
filter cases are taken into account. Based on extensive analysis of experimental data second
order polynomial models of the energy intake are developed and evaluated. The analysis of
energy intake results show, that for the clean filter case the largest energy intake is observed.
When at the constant
ow rate values membrane fouling occurs it leads to larger energy
intake, however due to a decreasing specific
ow rate during fouling these values do not
exceed the clean filter case.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: membrane filtration, water hammer effect, membrane energy intake, filter
Date Deposited: 27 Dec 2022 00:45
Last Modified: 27 Dec 2022 00:45


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