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Characterization of the aggregation propensity of charge variants of recombinant human growth hormone.

Meyer, Robina Mareike, Aleshkevich, Sofya, Berger, Lukas, Nerkamp, Joerg, Scheler, Stefan and Friess, Wolfgang (2022) Characterization of the aggregation propensity of charge variants of recombinant human growth hormone. International journal of pharmaceutics, 621. p. 121760. ISSN 1873-3476


Biopharmaceutical products are subject to in depth analysis to ensure and improve their safety and efficacy. As part of this effort the stability and aggregation mechanisms of the therapeutic protein is characterized over the whole life cycle. The stability and aggregation behavior of single charge variants present in biopharmaceuticals were hardly investigated. In this study we applied a previously established methodology to assess the charge variants of the drug substance (DS) of human growth hormone (hGH). We assessed the stability and aggregation propensity of an acidic variant which forms in DS at a larger extent during short time storage at elevated temperatures. We developed a semi-preparative method to separate and analyze the charge species. Thermal and colloidal stability of this variant was analyzed by light scattering methods and a stability testing in different buffer formulations. The acidic variant showed slightly attractive self-interaction at lower pH. Thermal stress did not result in increased aggregation propensity or decreased stability compared to the DS. Thus, the methodology enabled to assess the risk of a single protein variant within the DS of hGH. The approach can also be utilized for other protein drugs as previously shown for a monoclonal antibody.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Antibodies, Monoclonal Biological Products Drug Compounding Human Growth Hormone Humans Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Protein Stability Recombinant Proteins
Date Deposited: 02 Jul 2022 00:45
Last Modified: 02 Jul 2022 06:11


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