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Bagdanoff, Jeffrey, Smith, Thomas, Allan, Martin, O'Donnell, Peter, Nguyen, Zachary, Moore, Elizabeth, Baird, Jason, Wang, Shuangxi, Subramanian, Vanitha, Tigani, Bruno, Nettleton, David, Monovich, Lauren, Lewis, Ian, Flyer, Alec, Granda, Brian, Blankenship, John, Barnes-Seeman, David and Clairmont, Kevin (2023) Clearance of plasma PCSK9 via the asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated by heterobifunctional ligands. Cell chemical biology, 30 (1). 97-109.e9. ISSN 2451-9448


Demir, Andac, Khalil, Iya and Kiziltan, Bulent (2023) EEG-NEXT: A MODERNIZED CONVNET FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF COGNITIVE ACTIVITY FROM EEG. 2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing.

Ding, Jian, Li, Guo, Liu, Hejun, Liu, Lulu, Lin, Ying, Gao, Jingyan, Zhou, Guoqiang, Shen, Lingling, Zhao, Mengxi, Yu, Yanyan, Guo, Weihui, Hommel, Ulrich, Ottl, Johannes, Blank, Jutta, Aubin, Nicola, Wei, Yi, He, Hu, Sage, David, Atadja, Peter, Li, En, Jain, Rishi, Tallarico, John, Canham, Steve, Chiang, Yingling and Wang, He (2023) Discovery of Potent Small-Molecule Inhibitors of WDR5-MYC Interaction. ACS Chemical Biology. ISSN 1554-89291554-8937

Dittrich, Birger, Connor, Lauren, Werthmueller, Dominic, Sykes, Nicole and Udvarhelyi, Aniko (2023) Energy partitioning of pharmaceutical cocrystal structures. Cryst. Eng. Comm..


Gallou, Fabrice (2023) "Where chemocatalysis meets biocatalysis ... in water. Nature–ally!". Chemical reviews.


Hien, Hsiaotzu, Prior, Helen, Andrews, Laura, Van Aerts, Leon, Cauvin, Annick, Clarke, David O., Datta, Kaushik, Dempster, Maggie, Dybdal, Noel, Freebern, Wendy, de Hann, Lolke, Herzyk, Danuta, Hey, Adam, Kissner, Thomas, Kronenberg, Sven, Leach, Michael W., Lee, Donna, Schutte, Karin, Sewell, Fiona, Trouba, Kevin, Ulrich, Peter, Weir, Lucinda and van Meer, Peter (2023) Re-evaluating the need for chronic toxicity studies with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, using a weight of evidence approach. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 138.

Hoch, Matthias, Bebrevska, Lidiya, Singh, Namrata and Hourcade-Potelleret, Florence (2023) Relative Bioavailability and Food Effect of Asciminib Pediatric Mini-tablet Formulation Compared to the Reference Tablet Formulation in Healthy Adult Participants. Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development.


Johnson, Eric, Sutherland, Jeffrey, Meseck, Emily, McElroy, Cameron, Chand, Deepa, Tukov, Francis, Hudry, Eloise and Penraat, Kelley (2023) Neurofilament Light Chain and Dorsal Root Ganglia Injury After Adeno-Associated Virus 9 Gene Therapy in Nonhuman Primates. Molecular therapy: Methods and Clinical Development, 28. pp. 208-219. ISSN 2329-0501


Lewis, Richard, Isert, Clemens, Kromann, Jimmy, Stiefl, Nikolaus and Schneider, Gisbert (2023) Machine intelligence models for fast, quantum mechanics-based approximation of drug lipophilicity. ACS Omega. ISSN 2470-13432470-1343

Liu, Lulu, Guo, Xin, Wang, Vickie, Li, Melody, Yu, Yanyan, Song, Yang, Zeng, Chenhui, Ding, Zhilou, Qiu, Yuanjun, Yan, Feifei, Zhang, Yixiang, Zhao, Caiqi, Zhang, Yan, Dou, Yali, Atadja, Peter, Li, En and Wang, He (2023) Loss of Wdr5 attenuates MLL-rearranged leukemogenesis by suppressing Myc targets. Biochimica et biophysica acta (BBA) - Molecular basis of disease, 1869 (2). p. 166600. ISSN 09254439


Polak, Jakub, von Stosch, Moritz, Sokolov, Michael, Piccioni, Lorenzo, Streit, Alexander, Schenkel, Berthold and Guelat, Bertrand (2023) Hybrid modeling supported development of an industrial small-molecule flow chemistry process. Computers & chemical engineering, 170. ISSN 00981354


Schiller, Hilmar (2023) IQ Therapeutic Protein Drug-Drug Interaction White Paper. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. ISSN 0009-92361532-6535

Schneider, Nadine, Lanini, Jessica, Rodriguez Perez, Raquel, Grisoni, Francesca, Nittinger, Eva, Riniker, Sereina, Andrea, Volkamer and Emma, Evertsson (2023) Machine Learning for Small Molecule Drug Discovery in Academia and Industry. Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences, 3. ISSN 26673185

Stange, Carolin, Hafiz, Supriyadi, Erwin, Nelli, Hafner, Mathias and Frech, Christian (2023) Two peak elution behavior of a monoclonal antibody in cation exchange chromatography as a screening tool for excipients. Journal of Chromatography B, 1214 (123563). ISSN 15700232


Thoma, Gebhard, Duthaler, Rudolf, Waelchli, Rudolf, Hauchard, Alice, Bruno, Sandro, Strittmatter-Keller, Ulrike, Viebrock, Sabine, Aichholz, Reiner, Beltz, Karen, Grove, Kerri, Hoque, Shaila, Rudewicz, Patrick and Zerwes, Hans Guenter (2023) Discovery and Characterization of the Topical Soft JAK Inhibitor CEE321 for Atopic Dermatitis. Journal of medicinal chemistry. ISSN 1520-4804

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