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Evolution of Biocatalysis at Novartis over Last 40 Years

Snajdrova, Radka, Siirola, Elina Maria, Eggimann, Fabian, Vargas, Alexandra, Schroer, Kirsten, Peschke, Theo, Schlama, Thierry and Moore, Charles (2023) Evolution of Biocatalysis at Novartis over Last 40 Years. CHIMIA, 77 (6). pp. 376-383. ISSN doi:10.2533/chimia.2023.376


The fortieth anniversary of biocatalysis started at Ciba-Geigy later at Novartis is a great time to pause and reflect on development of science and technology in this space. Enzyme-based synthesis became a highly valued enabling tool for pharmaceutical research and development over the last decades. In this perspective we aim to discuss how the scientific approaches and trends evolved over the time and present future challenges and opportunities.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 01 Sep 2023 00:45
Last Modified: 01 Sep 2023 00:45