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Enzymatic Bioconjugation: A Perspective from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Debon, Aaron, Siirola, Elina Maria and Snajdrova, Radka (2023) Enzymatic Bioconjugation: A Perspective from the Pharmaceutical Industry. JACS Au, 3 (5). pp. 1267-1283. ISSN 2691-3704


Enzymes have firmly established themselves as bespoke catalysts for small molecule transformations in the pharmaceutical industry, from early research and development stages to large-scale production. In principle, their exquisite selectivity and rate acceleration can also be leveraged for modifying macromolecules to form bioconjugates. However, available catalysts face stiff competition from other bioorthogonal chemistries. In this Perspective, we seek to illuminate applications of enzymatic bioconjugation in the face of an expanding palette of new drug modalities. With these applications, we wish to highlight some examples of current successes and pitfalls of using enzymes for bioconjugation along the pipeline and try to illustrate opportunities for further development.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 07 Oct 2023 00:45
Last Modified: 07 Oct 2023 00:45


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