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How many test series does a market-ready medication need?

Filipovic, Georg (2013) How many test series does a market-ready medication need? Tecan Annual Report 2012. pp. 10-11.


Making a blanket prediction about the
amount of work required between initial
tests and the final medication would
be pure speculation. The fact is, though,
that achieving medical progress to safeguard
quality of life involves the scheduling
of innumerable test series in the
laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotechnology
companies. Every medication
launched onto the market begins with
an understanding of how the chemical
or biological substances work. Without
flexible laboratory systems and automated
test procedures, it would be impossible
to develop new medications. For
example, a leading global pharma-ceutical
company wanted to optimize its
workflows and was seeking a technology
partner capable of providing complex
automated infrastructures for the highvolume
test procedures. It was looking
to Tecan to provide an all-in-one infrastructure

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