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Robust and tissue-independent gender-specific transcript biomarkers

Staedtler, Frank, Hartmann, Nicole, Letzkus, Martin, Bongiovanni, Sandrine, Johnson, Keith and Schumacher, Martin (2013) Robust and tissue-independent gender-specific transcript biomarkers. Biomarkers, 18 (5). pp. 436-445.


Context: Correct gender assignment in humans at the molecular level is crucial in many
scientific disciplines and applied areas.
Materials and methods: Candidate gender markers were identified through supervised statistical
analysis of genome wide microarray expression data from human blood samples (N¼123, 58
female, 65 male) as a training set. The potential of the markers to predict undisclosed tissue
donor gender was tested on microarray data from 13 healthy and 11 cancerous human tissue
collections (internal) and external datasets from samples of varying tissue origin. The
abundance of some genes in the marker panel was quantified by RT-PCR as alternative
analytical technology.
Results: We identified and qualified predictive, gender-specific transcript markers based on a set
of five genes (RPS4Y1, EIF1AY, DDX3Y, KDM5D and XIST).
Conclusion: Gene expression marker panels can be used as a robust tissue- and platformindependent
predictive approach for gender determination.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: The content of this publication had already been patented by Novartis. However, it has been decided to discontinue the patent.
Keywords: Gender, prediction, quality control, transcriptome
Date Deposited: 13 Oct 2015 13:14
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2015 13:14