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Magnetic resonance imaging in drug discovery: lessons from disease areas.

Beckmann, Nicolau, Laurent, Didier, Tigani, Bruno, Panizzutti, Rogerio and Rudin, Markus (2004) Magnetic resonance imaging in drug discovery: lessons from disease areas. Drug Discovery today, 9 (1). pp. 35-42. ISSN 1359-6446


Imaging technologies are presently receiving considerable attention in the pharmaceutical area owing to their potential to accelerate the drug discovery and development process. One of the principal imaging modalities is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The multiparametric nature of MRI enables anatomical, functional and even molecular information to be obtained non-invasively from intact organisms at high spatial resolution, thereby enabling a comprehensive characterization of a disease state and the corresponding drug intervention. The non-invasiveness of MRI strengthens the link between pre-clinical and clinical drug studies, making the technique attractive for pharmaceutical research.

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Keywords: biomedical imaging; cell labeling; drug discovery; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); functional MRI (fMRI); pharmaceutical research; pharmacological MRI; transgenic mice; Techniques & Methods; Pharmaceutical Science; Drug Discovery; Structural Biology
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