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Meeting report: Spontaneous Lesions and Diseases in Wild, Captive-Bred, and Zoo-Housed Nonhuman Primates and in Nonhuman Primate Species Used for Drug Safety Studies

Sasseville, Vito and Markovits, Judit and Mansfield, Keith and Mankowski, Joe and Tremblay, Claudia and Terio, Karen and Matz-Rensing, Kerstin and Gruber-Dujardin, Eva and Delaney, Martha and Schmidt, Lisa and Liu, David and Owston, Michael and Harbison, Carole and Shanmukhappa, Shiva and Miller, Andrew and Kaliyaperumal, Saravanan and Assaf, Basel and Kattenhorn, Lisa and Cummings-Macri, Sheila and Simmons, Heather and Baldessari, Audrey and Sharma, Prachi and Courtney, Cynthia and Bradley, Alys and Cline, Mark and Reindel, James and Hutto, David (2012) Meeting report: Spontaneous Lesions and Diseases in Wild, Captive-Bred, and Zoo-Housed Nonhuman Primates and in Nonhuman Primate Species Used for Drug Safety Studies. Veterinary Pathology, 49 (6). pp. 1057-1069. ISSN 0300-9858


The combination of loss of habitat, human population encroachment, and increased demand of select species for biomedical research has expanded the list of emerging diseases. There remains a need for knowledge and expertise in understanding background findings as related to the age, source, strain, and disease status of nonhuman primates. In particular, for safety/biomedical studies, a broader understanding and documentation of lesions would help clarify background from treatment related findings. A workshop and mini-symposium on spontaneous lesions and diseases in nonhuman primates were sponsored by the concurrent Annual Meetings of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology held December 3-4, 2011 in Nashville, TN. The first session had presentations from Drs. Linda Lowenstine and Richard Montali, pathologists with extensive experience in wild and zoo populations of nonhuman primates, which was followed by presentations of 20 unique case studies of rare or newly observed spontaneous lesions in nonhuman primate species. The mini-symposium concentrated on background and spontaneous lesions in nonhuman primate species used for drug safety studies, and included presentations on incidence and range of spontaneous findings in cynomolgus macaques; lesions in the urogenital system of macaques; gastrointestinal lesions and pathogens in macaques and marmosets; age-associated lesions in rhesus macaques; and effects of Plasmodium infection on drug development. Both sessions were heavily attended by meeting participants that included students, pathology trainees, and experienced pathologists from academia and industry with an interest in spontaneous diseases of nonhuman primates.

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Additional Information: This proceedings document is a summary of data presented by numberous invited speakers at the 2011 ACVP annual meeting and does not contain any Novartis-related proprietary data.
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