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Enhanced marrow adipogenesis and bone resorption in estrogen-deprived rats treated with the PPARgamma agonist BRL49653 (rosiglitazone).

Sottile, V, Seuwen, Klaus and Kneissel, Michaela (2004) Enhanced marrow adipogenesis and bone resorption in estrogen-deprived rats treated with the PPARgamma agonist BRL49653 (rosiglitazone). Calcified Tissue International, 75 (4). pp. 329-337. ISSN 0171-967X


Thiazolidinediones are insulin-sensitizing agents and in clinical use for the treatment of type II diabetes. Under specific experimental conditions, these molecules induce adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal precursor cells at the expense of osteoblasts in vitro, suggesting possible negative effects on the skeleton. We measured effects of the thiazolidinedione BRL49653 on bone tissue of intact and estrogen-deprived skeletally mature adult female Wistar rats (6-9 months old). Weight gain and decreased plasma triglyceride levels confirmed the effectiveness of the treatment. However, no change in bone mass or fat marrow volume was observed in intact rats treated for 8 weeks with 5, 10, or 20 mg/kg of BRL49653. Study of marrow cultures established at necropsy revealed a higher responsiveness to adipogenic differentiation protocols of cultures established from the 10-mg/kg group compared to vehicle control. In a second study, the effects of thiazolidinedione treatment on the skeleton of estrogen-deprived rats were investigated. Application of 10 mg/kg of BRL49653 for 12 weeks resulted in enhanced bone loss (+31%; pQCT) and increased fat marrow volume (+117%; histomorphometry) compared to vehicle-treated OVX control. Interestingly, osteoblast number was comparable in both cases. Bone resorption parameters were significantly increased in the treatment group (+27% osteoclast number, +30% eroded surface). Enhanced bone loss due to treatment was consistently observed in the tibia, femur, and the lumbar spine. Our data indicate that thiazolidinediones may enhance bone loss induced by estrogen deprivation.

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Keywords: Diabetes; Osteoporosis; Cell differentiation; Osteoblast; Adipocyte
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