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Rethinking Leadership in Drug Discovery

Billy, Christine, Koch, Guido, Widmer, Hans, von Krogh, Georg, Erden, Zeynep and Schneider, Andreas (2012) Rethinking Leadership in Drug Discovery. Drug Discovery Today, 17 (23/24). pp. 1258-1262. ISSN 1359-6446


Great efforts have been dedicated to rebuilding the engines of pharmaceutical research and development (R&D). However, one potential area of improvement has received limited attention in the literature and practice, namely leadership. In this article, we enrich the traditional views of leadership, which consider leadership a responsibility of a few centrally placed authorities, with the concept of distributed leadership. Distributed leadership reflects a group-based capability driven by everyday activities and the key scientific questions at hand. We identify three leadership challenges faced by R&D teams that could be addressed by distributed leadership. Furthermore, we provide some suggestions on how to foster distributed leadership in drug discovery projects.

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