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Drugs targeting protein-protein interactions.

Chene, Patrick (2006) Drugs targeting protein-protein interactions. ChemMedChem, 1 (4). pp. 400-411. ISSN 1860-7179


Most biological processes involve permanent and nonpermanent interactions between different proteins, and many protein complexes play a key role in various human diseases. Therefore, molecules that prevent the formation of these protein complexes could be valuable new therapeutic agents to treat these diseases. Protein interfaces have not evolved to bind low-molecular-weight molecules, as is the case with enzyme catalytic sites. It is therefore difficult to identify small compounds that inhibit protein-protein interactions. However, there is considerable diversity in the structure of protein interfaces, some of which may be more attractive than others for medicinal chemistry. One of the main challenges in drug discovery is to identify these interfaces and to exploit their properties to make marketable drugs. Herein, the properties of protein interfaces are discussed in light of their use as drug targets.

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Keywords: drug design; hdm2; p53; protein interfaces; protein-protein interactions
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