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Patupilone (epothilone B, EPO906) inhibits growth and metastasis of experimental prostate tumors in vivo.

O'Reilly, Terence, Mcsheehy, Paul M.J., Wenger, Fritz, Hattenberger, Marc, Muller, Melanie, Vaxelaire, Juliane, Altmann, Karl-Heinz and Wartmann, Markus (2005) Patupilone (epothilone B, EPO906) inhibits growth and metastasis of experimental prostate tumors in vivo. The Prostate, 65 (3). pp. 231-240. ISSN 0270-4137


BACKGROUND: Microtubule agents appear promising for the treatment of prostate cancer. Patupilone (epothilone B), a highly potent non-taxane microtubule stabilizing agent, was evaluated in models of androgen-independent prostate cancer. METHODS: Patupilone was administered to athymic mice bearing human prostate cancer xenografts (subcutaneous DU 145 and PC-3M, orthotopic PC-3M). RESULTS: One 4 mg/kg patupilone administration produced transient regression of DU 145 tumors, while two weekly administrations of 2.5 mg/kg produced stable disease followed by protracted regression, however with more pronounced body weight loss. Taxol (15 mg/kg every other day) weakly inhibited tumor growth, but with less body weight loss. Patupilone (5 mg/kg) produced protracted growth inhibition of subcutaneous PC-3M tumors, with transient body weight loss. In mice with orthotopic PC-3M tumors, 4 or 5 mg/kg/week patupilone impaired primary tumor growth, abrogated metastases and enhanced survival, with only transient body weight loss. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that patupilone holds promise for prostate cancer treatment.

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Keywords: patupilone; epothilones; taxanes; prostate cancer; mouse tumor models
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