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Effects of ceramide-1-phosphate on cultured cells: dependence on dodecane in the vehicle.

Tauzin, Loic, Graf, Christine, Sun, Mei, Rovina, Philipp, Bouveyron, Nicolas, Jaritz, Markus, Winiski, Anthony, Hartmann, Nicole, Staedtler, Frank, Billich, Andreas, Baumruker, Thomas, Zhang, Mei and Bornancin, Frederic (2007) Effects of ceramide-1-phosphate on cultured cells: dependence on dodecane in the vehicle. Journal of Lipid Research, 48 (1). pp. 66-76. ISSN 0022-2275


Ceramide-1-phosphate (C1P), the product of ceramide kinase, is a sphingophospholipid with recently recognized signaling properties. In particular, it was reported to be mitogenic and capable of direct stimulation of cytosolic phospholipase A(2alpha). Much of the present knowledge has relied on the use of C1P of various acyl chain lengths, together with diverse protocols to deliver it to cultured cells. A mixture of ethanol (or methanol) with dodecane, as the vehicle, has become popular. However, the contribution of this solvent to the observed effects of C1P has not been documented. Here, we show that addition of C1P in ethanol-dodecane to culture medium leads to irreversible cytotoxic effects. These culminate in mitochondrial swelling, vacuole formation, and cell death. Not only the toxicity of C1P, but also its ability to trigger prostaglandin E2 release, is fully dependent upon addition of a premade C1P-dodecane mixture. Furthermore, we show that these effects are not restricted to C1P. They result from the capacity of dodecane to interact with phospholipids; hence, they go undetected with a vehicle control. This study should raise awareness about the use of dodecane for phospholipid delivery and, in turn, help in unraveling C1P signaling, which is still poorly understood.

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