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Optical imaging for the new grammar of drug discovery

Krucker, Thomas and Selvaraj, Sandanaraj (2011) Optical imaging for the new grammar of drug discovery. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 369 (1955). pp. 4651-4665. ISSN 1364-503X


Optical technologies used in biomedical research have undergone tremendous development in the last decade and enabled important insight into biochemical, cellular, and physiological phenomena at the microscopic and macroscopic level. Historically in drug discovery, to increase throughput in screening, or increase efficiency through automation of image acquisition and analysis in pathology, efforts in imaging were focused on the reengineering of established microscopy solutions. However, with the emergence of the new grammar for drug discovery [Fishman&Porter, Nature, 2005], other requirements and expectations have created unique opportunities for optical imaging. The new grammar of drug discovery provides rules for translating the wealth of genomic and proteomic information into targeted medicines with a focus on complex interactions of proteins. This paradigm shift requires highly specific and quantitative imaging at the molecular level with tools that can be utilized in cellular assays, animals, and finally translated into patients. The development of fluorescent targeted and activatable “smart” probes, fluorescent proteins, and new reporter gene systems, as functional and dynamic markers of molecular events in vitro and in vivo is therefore playing a pivotal role. An enabling optical imaging platform will combine optical hardware refinement with a strong emphasis on creating and validating highly specific chemical and biological tools.

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Keywords: diagnostics, molecular imaging, disease, multispectral imaging, smart probes, probe design
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