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Determining the functional role of TRPC channels in primary cells.

Li, Su, Gosling, Martin and Poll, Chris (2005) Determining the functional role of TRPC channels in primary cells. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 451 (1). pp. 43-52. ISSN 0031-6768


Although the TRPC members of the mammalian transient receptor potential TRP cation channel family were the first to be described in 1995, the depth of knowledge of TRPC channels has fallen behind that of their counterparts in the TRPV and TRPM subfamilies in the intervening years. The complexities and controversies of TRPC channel composition and regulation have hindered their progress as therapeutic targets in the drug discovery environment to date, however embracing these challenges as opportunities may bring TRPC channels to the forefront of the discovery of novel therapies for many diseases. These challenges and opportunities of exploring TRPC channels as therapeutic targets are highlighted and discussed in this review with respect to respiratory diseases.

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Keywords: TRPC channels; Lung; Pharmacology; Drug discovery; Primary cells; Respiratory disease
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