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Pimecrolimus permeates less than tacrolimus through normal, inflamed, or corticosteroid-pretreated skin.

Meingassner, Josef, Aschauer, Heinrich, Stuetz, Anton and Billich, Andreas (2005) Pimecrolimus permeates less than tacrolimus through normal, inflamed, or corticosteroid-pretreated skin. Experimental Dermatology, 14 (10). pp. 752-757. ISSN 0906-6705


The permeabilities of normal human and normal, inflamed, or corticosteroid (CS) pretreated skin of young domestic pigs for pimecrolimus and tacrolimus were compared in vitro, using Franz-type diffusion cells. The test articles were either used as 1.0% solutions or as the marketed formulations (Elidel 1% cream, Protopic 0.1%, and 0.03% ointment). In normal human skin, the permeation rate of pimecrolimus from the 1% cream was about sixfold lower than that of tacrolimus from 0.1% ointment and by a factor of 4.3 lower compared with tacrolimus from Protopic 0.03%. In pigs, sodium laurylsulfate-induced irritant contact dermatitis resulted in significantly faster skin permeation of both drugs from applied solutions. The permeation rate for pimecrolimus was lower than that for tacrolimus. Thus, at 24 h, pimecrolimus concentrations in the receptor fluid were 2.8-fold lower than the tacrolimus levels. Compared with normal porcine skin, permeation of drugs through hydrocortisone (1.0%)-, mometasone (0.1%)-, or clobetasol-17-butyrate (0.05%)-pretreated skin was increased by factors of 3.6 (pimecrolimus, applied as 1% cream) and 1.7 (tacrolimus, applied as 0.1% ointment). In normal pig skin, the permeation rate of tacrolimus was found to be 11.2 times higher than that of pimecrolimus and 3.5- to 7.1-fold higher in CS-pretreated skin, independent of the potency of the CSs. The present in vitro data suggest that in patients with acute skin inflammation or after therapy with topical CSs, percutaneous absorption and, as a consequence, systemic drug exposure will be lower with Elidel 1% cream as compared with Protopic 0.1% and 0.03% ointment.

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Keywords: corticosteroids; dermatitis; percutaneous absorption; pimecrolimus; tacrolimus
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Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2009 13:58
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