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Assessing the Relevance of Solution Phase Stress Testing of Solid Dosage Form Drug Products: A Cross-Industry Benchmarking Study

Campbell, John M. , Foti, Chris, Wang, Chloe, Adams, Neal, Allain, Leonardo R., Araujo, Gabriela, Azevedo, Renan , Ribeiro Franca, Juçara , Hicks, Simon R. , Hostyn, Steven , Jansen, Patrick J. , Kotoni, Dorina, Kuemmell, Andreas, Marden, Stacey , Rullo, Gregory, Santos, Ana Cláudia O. , Sluggett, Gregory W., Zelesky, Todd and Baertschi, Steven W. (2021) Assessing the Relevance of Solution Phase Stress Testing of Solid Dosage Form Drug Products: A Cross-Industry Benchmarking Study. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. ISSN 15206017


Stress testing (also known as forced degradation) of pharmaceutical products has long been recognized as a critical part of the drug development process, providing foundational information related to intrinsic stability characteristics and to the development of stability-indicating analytical methods. A benchmarking study was undertaken by nine pharmaceutical companies and the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária, or ANVISA) with a goal of understanding the utility of various stress testing conditions for producing pharmaceutically-relevant chemical degradation of drugs. Special consideration was given to determining whether solution phase stress testing of solid drug products produced degradation products that were both unique when compared to other stress conditions and relevant to the formal drug product stability data. The results from studies of 62 solid dosage form drug products were compiled. A total of 387 degradation products were reported as being observed in stress testing studies, along with 173 degradation products observed in accelerated and/or long-term stability studies for the 62 drug products. Among these, 25 of the stress testing degradation products were unique to the solution phase stress testing of the drug products; however, none of these unique degradation products were relevant to the formal stability data. The relevant degradation products were sufficiently accounted for by stress testing studies that included only drug substance stressing (in solution and in the solid state) and drug product stressing (in the solid state). Based on these results, it is the opinion of the authors that for solid dosage form drug products, well-designed stress testing studies need not include solution phase stress testing of the drug product in order to be comprehensive.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Analytical Chemistry Degradation Product(s) Forced Conditions Regulatory Science Stability
Date Deposited: 30 Sep 2021 00:45
Last Modified: 30 Sep 2021 00:45