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Solubility-driven successful drug discovery

Zhou, Liping, Skolnik, Suzanne, Yang, Linhong and Wang, Jianling (2008) Solubility-driven successful drug discovery. Solubility-driven successful drug discovery, Apr/Ma. pp. 20-22.


Solubility is an important physico-chemical parameter in drug discovery as well as development since it affects both in vitro and in vivo assay results. With the trend towards lipophilic compounds, finding an optimal strategy to assess solubility earlier as well as at different stages of drug discovery, including hit finding, lead finding and optimisation, as well as nomination of development candidates, is a challenge for today’s pharmaceutical scientists. Here we examine the advantages, limitations and use of different tools developed for solubility-driven successful drug discovery.

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Date Deposited: 13 Oct 2015 13:15
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