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R&D efficiency of leading pharmaceutical companies - a 20-year analysis

Schuhmacher, Alexander, Wilisch, Lukas, Kandelbauer, Andreas, Hinder, Markus and Gassmann, Oliver (2021) R&D efficiency of leading pharmaceutical companies - a 20-year analysis. Drug Discovery Today, 2021 M (S1359-). pp. 36-41.


Comparative analysis of the R&D efficiency of 14 leading pharmaceutical companies for the years 1999-2018 shows that there is a close positive correlation between R&D spending and the two investigated R&D output parameters, approved NMEs and the cumulative impact factor of their publications. In other words, higher R&D investments (input) were associated with higher R&D output. Second, our analyses indicate that there are 'economies of scale' (size) in pharmaceutical R&D. In particular, R&D organizations with more than 14,000 employees benefit from their size, deliver increased outputs and, therefore, are more efficient and more competitive.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 08 Jun 2021 00:45
Last Modified: 08 Jun 2021 00:45


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