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SAGE and related approaches for cancer target identification.

Porter, Dale, Yao, Jun and Polyak, Kornelia (2006) SAGE and related approaches for cancer target identification. Drug Discovery Today, 11 (3-4). pp. 110-118. ISSN 1359-6446


Comprehensive genetic, epigenetic and transcriptional analyses of normal and cancerous tissues and cells have yielded many candidate diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic markers and therapeutic targets in human cancer. This article provides a brief overview of SAGE and SAGE-like techniques, highlighting their utility and advantages relative to other genomic technologies for the discovery of drug targets. We also summarize the results of recent comprehensive profiling studies that utilize these methods to provide insights into mechanisms of tumor initiation and progression, to improve our molecular understanding of the tumor microenvironment and to reveal new targets and avenues for therapeutic interventions.

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Keywords: gene expression; genomic; SAGE; digital karyotyping; epigenome; Pharmaceutical Science; Drug Discovery; Cancer biology; Chemical Biology
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