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The Role of Computational Methods in the Identification of Bioactive Compounds

Glick, Meir and Jacoby, Edgar (2011) The Role of Computational Methods in the Identification of Bioactive Compounds. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology. ISSN 1367-5931


Computational methods play an ever increasing role in lead finding. A vast repertoire of molecular design and virtual screening methods emerged in the past two decades and are today routinely used. There is increasing awareness that there is no single best computational protocol and correspondingly there is a shift recommending the combination of complementary methods. A promising trend for the application of computational methods in lead finding is to take advantage of the vast amounts of HTS (High Throughput Screening) data to allow lead assessment by detailed systems-based data analysis, especially for phenotypic screens where the identification of compound-target pairs is the primary goal. Herein, we review trends and provide examples of successful applications of computational methods in lead finding.

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Keywords: Data analysis, In silico, Lead finding, Screening
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