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Environmental metrics to drive a cultural change: our green eco-label

Gallou, Fabrice, Onken, Ulrich, Koettgen, Agnieszka and Scheidat, Holger (2019) Environmental metrics to drive a cultural change: our green eco-label. Chimia, 73 (9). pp. 730-736.


A novel Green Chemistry Process Scorecard was developed to assess the environmental impact of chemical production processes to manufacture the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) within our portfolio. These new metrics not only cover the resource consumption from the overall chemical synthesis, but also also consider the use of Substances of Concern and the number of chemical steps. The Process Mass Intensity (PMI), i.e. the ratio of accumulated kilogram quantities of materials per kilogram of API, is used to quantify the resource consumption.
An “eco-label” for specific APIsis used to visualize the environmental impact from their chemical synthesis. For an overview of the environmental impact of a complete product portfolio, a diagram of PMI or total waste quantity vs. the number of synthetic steps can also be used as avisualization tool to identify chemical syntheses with a high need for process improvements. Implementation of this process led to a dramatic change of mindset within the organization and now supports and drives the decision making at Chemical and Analytical Development, and helps trigger new projects more readily for sustainability reasons.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: sustainability · green chemistry · metrics
Date Deposited: 03 Dec 2019 00:45
Last Modified: 03 Dec 2019 00:45