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Encoded Library Technologies as Integrated Lead Finding Platforms for Drug Discovery

Ottl, Johannes, Leder, Lukas, Schaefer, Jonas and Dumelin, Christoph (2019) Encoded Library Technologies as Integrated Lead Finding Platforms for Drug Discovery. Molecules : a journal of synthetic chemistry and natural product chemistry, 24. ISSN 1420-3049


The scope of targets investigated in pharmaceutical research is continuously moving into uncharted territory. Consequently, finding suitable chemical matter with current compound collections is proving increasingly di_cult. Encoded library technologies enable the rapid exploration of large chemical space for the identification of ligands for such targets. These binders facilitate drug discovery projects both as tools for target validation, structural elucidation and assay development as well as starting points for medicinal chemistry. Novartis internalized two complementing encoded library platforms to accelerate the initiation of its drug discovery programs. For the identification of low-molecular weight ligands, we apply DNA-encoded libraries. In addition, encoded peptide libraries are employed to identify cyclic peptides. This review discusses how we apply these two platforms in our research and why we consider it beneficial to run both pipelines in-house.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: DNA-encoded libraries; Encoded Library Technologies; drug discovery; high-throughput screening; integrated lead finding; lead generation; mRNA display
Date Deposited: 18 May 2019 00:45
Last Modified: 18 May 2019 00:45


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