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Phase I study of alpelisib (BYL719), an α-specific PI3K inhibitor, in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors

Ando, Yuichi, Iwasa, Satoru, Takahashi, Shunji, Saka, Hideo, KAKIZUME, TOMOYUKI, NATSUME, KAZUTO, NOUMI, NAOKO, Quadt, Cornelia and Yamada, Yasuhide (2019) Phase I study of alpelisib (BYL719), an α-specific PI3K inhibitor, in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors. Cancer Science. ISSN 13497006


This phase I study aimed to determine tolerability and preliminary efficacy of single-agent alpelisib (BYL719) in Japanese patients with advanced solid malignancies. The primary objective of the study was to estimate the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and/or recommended phase II dose (RP2D) of oral alpelisib in patients with advanced solid tumors who had progressed despite standard therapy. The expansion part included patients with PIK3CA mutation/amplification; safety, preliminary efficacy, pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacodynamic profile, and food effect on the PK profile of alpelisib at the MTD/RP2D were determined. Oral alpelisib was given as a single agent on a continuous 28-day treatment cycle once daily. Overall, 33 patients received alpelisib. Dose-limiting toxicities were observed in 2 patients in the escalation part (at 400 mg/day) and 1 patient in the expansion part (at 350 mg/day). The RP2D of alpelisib was determined as 350 mg/day based on overall safety profile in the dose escalation part and previous data from a Western population; the MTD was not determined. The most common all-grade treatment-suspected adverse events were hyperglycemia and maculopapular rash (48.5% each) and diarrhea (45.5%). The PK of alpelisib in the Japanese population was similar to that reported in the Western population. The overall response rate, disease control rate, and median progression-free survival at 350 mg/day were 3%, 57.6%, and 3.4 months, respectively. Alpelisib as single agent showed a favorable safety profile and encouraging preliminary efficacy in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: alpelisib BYL719 Japanese PIK3CA solid tumor
Date Deposited: 08 Mar 2019 00:45
Last Modified: 08 Mar 2019 00:45


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