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Biophotonics applied to proteomics.

Faupel, Michel Daniel, Bonenfant, Debora, Schindler, Patrick, Bertrand, Eric, Mueller, Dieter, Stoeckli, Markus, Bitsch, Francis, Rohner, Tatiana, Staab, Dieter and Van Oostrum, Jan (2007) Biophotonics applied to proteomics. In: Biophotonics applied to Proteomics. Subcellular Proteomics, 43 . Springer, pp. 323-338. ISBN 978-1-4020-5942-1 (Print); 978-1-4020-5943-8 (Online)


Since the completion of the human genome sequencing, our understanding of gene and protein function and their involvement in physiopathological states has increased dramatically, partly due to technological developments in photonics. Photonics is a very active area where new developments occur on a weekly basis, while established tools are adapted to fulfill the needs of other disciplines like genomics and proteomics. Biophotonics emerged at the interface of photonics and biology as a very straightforward and efficient approach to observe and manipulate living systems. In this chapter, we review the current applications of photonics and imaging to proteomics from 2D gels analysis to molecular imaging.

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