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LC-MALDI MS and MS/MS--an efficient tool in proteome analysis.

Mueller, Dieter, Voshol, Hans, Waldt, Annick, Wiedmann, Brigitte and Van Oostrum, Jan (2007) LC-MALDI MS and MS/MS--an efficient tool in proteome analysis. In: LC-MALDI MS and MS/MS — An Efficient Tool in Proteome Analysis. Subcellular Biochemistry, 43 . Springer, pp. 355-380. ISBN 0306-0225


Liquid chromatography-matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry represents a sensitive, hyphenated MS- and MS/MS-technique with a broad range of applications in all areas ofproteome analysis. Whereas a number of interface types have been developed for coupling MALDI MS and liquid chromatography, in this chapter selected on-line and off-line types and techniques will be discussed with respect to their individual properties and performance. The technique is especially attractive in off-line mode where LC-separation and MS analyses are decoupled and each step can be performed at its individual optimum. Different speed of chromatographic separation and achievement of S/N criteria in MS or MS/MS mode can be optimized independently by individual adjustment of specific operating parameters. This flexibility makes LC-MALDI MS attractive for the analysis of peptide mixtures from low to medium complexity. Using sequential MS analysis of parallel LC runs (multiplexing), even highly complex samples can be handled. Quantitation at the MS and MS/MS level can be accomplished by a variety of labeling techniques, where the predominant formation of singly charged ions in MALDI alleviates the assignment of isotopomers. After discussing the level of complementarity between LC-MALDI and LC-ESI MS, selected applications of LC-MALDI MS are presented. Examples of membrane protein analysis applying 1D SDS PAGE are discussed in detail as well as applications in protein interaction analysis. These application examples clearly show that in all respects LC-MALDI MS and MS/MS are flexible and sensitive techniques which can be adapted to a wide range of different workflows.

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