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Viewpoint: Diagnosing antimicrobial resistance

Leeds, Jennifer, Nordmann, Patrice, Burnham, Carey-Ann, Patel, Jean and O'Grady, Justin (2017) Viewpoint: Diagnosing antimicrobial resistance. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 15 (11). pp. 697-703. ISSN 1740-15261740-1534


Antimicrobial resistance constitutes a global burden and is one of the major threats
to public health. Although the emergence of resistant microorganisms is a natural
phenomenon, overuse or inappropriate use of antimicrobials has had a great impact
on resistance evolution. Rapid diagnostic tests that identify drug resistant bacteria,
determine antimicrobial susceptibility and distinguish viral from bacterial infection can
guide the effective treatment strategies. Moreover, rapid diagnostic tests could
facilitate epidemiological surveillance as emerging resistant infectious agents and
transmission can be monitored. In this Viewpoint article, several experts in the field
discuss the drawbacks of current diagnostic methods used to identify antimicrobial
resistance, novel diagnostic strategies and how such rapid tests can inform drug
development and the surveillance of resistance evolution.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 28 Oct 2017 00:45
Last Modified: 28 Oct 2017 00:45


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