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Potential thresholds for genotoxic effects by micronucleus scoring

Elhajouji, Azeddine, Cammerer, Zoryana, Lukamowicz, Magdalena and Kirsch-Volders, Micheline (2010) Potential thresholds for genotoxic effects by micronucleus scoring. Mutagenesis, 26 (1). pp. 199-204. ISSN 1464-3804


The concept of thresholds in genotoxicity has been open for debate in the last decades. The micronucleus test contributed to a large extent in understanding the dose response relationship for aneugens and clastogens. The threshold for aneuploidy is well accepted by the scientific community based on the data and for mechanistic reasons. The concept of threshold for clastogens on the other side is still challenging. Acceptance is based on a case by case basis together with thorough mechanistic understanding of the different steps from the mutagen/target interactions to MN formation for this class of genotoxins. This review summarises the significant achievements in the assessment of threshold for genotoxins using the MN test and concludes with an overview of knowledge gaps and recommendations.

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Keywords: micronuclei; Threshold; micronucleus test; genotoxicity; aneugen; clastogen
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