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Novartis Knowledge Center’s (NKC) Data Analytics and Visualization for understanding Resource Utilization

He, Leifang, Sindlinger, Michael, Stritt, Patrick and Juterbock, Deborah (1015) Novartis Knowledge Center’s (NKC) Data Analytics and Visualization for understanding Resource Utilization. The Proceedings of 11th Northumbria Conference .



Novartis was formed in 1996 by the merger of two large Swiss firms, Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy, both headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with large operations in New Jersey, USA. Since its creation, Novartis has over 100,000 employees in 150 countries and offered a wide range of patient centered healthcare products through the Pharmaceutical, Alcon (Eye Care), Sandoz (generics) sectors.

The NKC is the only library and information service hub in the global Novartis community with staff based in Switzerland, the US, and China. NKC information services meet where the associates are worldwide in the network, such as their department workspace, their self- designated location, e. g email or e-shelf and the NKC central portal. The collection consists of scientific, technical, medical (STM) and business electronic journals (4600+), e-books (14000+) and databases (600+).

As an information service organization in a for-profit company, NKC contributes to Novartis’ competitive advantage by providing the relevant, timely, targeted information to enable decision making to support the Novartis mission of bringing innovative medicines to patients to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering, and to enhance quality of life. NKC’s Value Assessment on Library Use Efficiency (VALUE) project was initiated in 2006 (He, Chaudhuri, and Juterbock, 2009). The ‘data analytics visualization’ work stream is toward to the end phase of VALUE project. The visualization team members’ knowledge and skill sets cover multiple disciplines as the project requires, including cognitive science, statistics, graphic design, cartography, technology applications, and computer sciences.


The purpose of adding a state-of-the art data analytics and visualization layer to our VALUE database of resource and service metrics is threefold: for our stakeholders to demonstrate usage and trends; for our service managers to improve our products and marketing efforts; and for our content licensing team with usage-based facts across external literature resources for negotiation purposes. Using this new capability we are able to increase our efficiency and decision making ability in an almost ‘real-time manner’ with a tool that is easy to use, highly interactive and engaging from a dynamic “dashboard” implementation.

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Date Deposited: 26 Apr 2016 23:45
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