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Validation of computational fluid dynamics in CT-based airway models with SPECT/CT

de backer, jan, de backer, wilhelm, vos, w. g., vinchurkar, s., claes, r., wulfrank, p., parizel, p., germonpre, p. and Drollmann, Anton Franz (2011) Validation of computational fluid dynamics in CT-based airway models with SPECT/CT. Radiology, 257 (3). pp. 854-862. ISSN 0033-8419


Advances in Knowledge
This article demonstrates how to use novel functional imaging methods using a combination of CT and patient specific computer simulations to accurate describe the respiratory function and increase the knowledge of asthma phenotypes. Outcome is compared and validated using SPECT CT scans. Future uses of this novel approach in clinical practice are discussed.

Implication for patient care
These methods allow for a highly detailed analysis of the respiratory system with a minimal patient involvement. Therapies and treatments could be optimized in a personalised fashion to maximize the patient’s benefit and reduce the cost by eliminating inefficient therapies.

Summary statement
This paper presents an important step in bringing high level computer simulations closer to the clinical practice by demonstrating their validity through comparison with state-of-the-art imaging modalities. It demonstrates that imaging modalities contain a large amount of information that can be used as a boundary condition for patient specific simulation making these models accurate and personalized.

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