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IL17A/CCR6 expression in human T cells

Carballido, Jose, Regairaz Kalenga Kapiamba, Camille, Raad, Layla and Rauld, Celine (2015) IL17A/CCR6 expression in human T cells. Lab meeting at D-BSSE, Basel.


This is a presentation to be used at a join lab meeting with members of the lab and academic colleagues from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering of ETH-Zürich (Basel site). This interaction follows a visit of D-BSSE scientists to NIBR aiming to engage in scientific collaborations. Our project will benefit from additional experiments using the microfluidics system developed at the lab of Prof Savas Tay and could be used in join a peer reviewed publication. If the approach proves successful, it could be further applied to multiple drug development projects of NIBR.

Particularly, Tay's lab has develop a method to monitor multiple parameters at the single cell level (3000 simultaneous readouts, which could be split as eg 100 cells x 30 parameters per cell or 40 cells x 5 stimulation conditions x 15 different readouts, or any other combination). See and attached pdf file from collaborators.

We have developed a method to differentiate effector Th17 and regulatory T cells based on the expression of surface IL-17 and CCR6, and validated the phenotype of these cells at the population level and using some human T cell clones. It would be great to sort a few cells from the different subpopulations and directly (without cloning step) interrogate the expression of a set of surface markers, transcription factors and cytokines at the single cell level. This experiment is very amenable to the microfluidics approach and the results could be published immediately (which is appealing to our collaborators). If this works well, we could envision a larger collaboration, eventually internalizing the technology to perform translational research studies supporting our drug discovery efforts.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: IL-17A, Treg cells
Date Deposited: 10 May 2016 23:45
Last Modified: 10 May 2016 23:45


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