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Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster

Schmitt, Esther (2015) Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster. Nature Chemical Biology, 11 (9). pp. 625-631. ISSN 1552-44501552-4469


Biosynthetic gene clusters have been discovered for a wide variety of secondary metabolites in bacteria, fungi and plants. For the characterization and engineering of novel biosynthetic gene clusters, it is of paramount importance to be able to effectively utilize experimental data on and annotations of known gene clusters. Currently, this information is dispersed throughout the literature and described in heterogeneous formats, in which predictions and proven conclusions are often difficult to distinguish.
To overcome this challenge, we propose the Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster (MIBiG) specification. MIBiG is a Genomic Standards Consortium project which builds on the Minimum Information about any Sequence (MIxS) specification. MIBiG is complemented by a MIBiG-compliant seed dataset, which was generated through a community re-annotation of previously characterized biosynthetic gene clusters.
MIBiG will facilitate the standardized storage of biosynthetic gene cluster data as well as the development of comprehensive comparative analysis tools. It will empower next-generation research on the biosynthesis, chemistry and ecology of secondary metabolites, guided by solid experimental evidence and rich metadata.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 25 Apr 2016 23:45
Last Modified: 06 Jul 2016 23:45


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