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Automated microflow NMR: routine analysis of five-microliter samples.

Jansma, Ariane, Chuan, Tiffany, Albrecht, Robert, Olson, Dean, Peck, Timothy and Geierstanger, Bernhard (2005) Automated microflow NMR: routine analysis of five-microliter samples. Analytical Chemistry, 77 (19). pp. 6509-6515. ISSN 0003-2700


A microflow CapNMR probe double-tuned for 1H and 13C was installed on a 400-MHz NMR spectrometer and interfaced to an automated liquid handler. Individual samples dissolved in DMSO-d6 are submitted for NMR analysis in vials containing as little as 10 microL of sample. Sets of samples are submitted in a low-volume 384-well plate. Of the 10 microL of sample per well, as with vials, 5 microL is injected into the microflow NMR probe for analysis. For quality control of chemical libraries, 1D NMR spectra are acquired under full automation from 384-well plates on as many as 130 compounds within 24 h using 128 scans per spectrum and a sample-to-sample cycle time of approximately 11 min. Because of the low volume requirements and high mass sensitivity of the microflow NMR system, 30 nmol of a typical small molecule is sufficient to obtain high-quality, well-resolved, 1D proton or 2D COSY NMR spectra in approximately 6 or 20 min of data acquisition time per experiment, respectively. Implementation of pulse programs with automated solvent peak identification and suppression allow for reliable data collection, even for samples submitted in fully protonated DMSO. The automated microflow NMR system is controlled and monitored using web-based software.

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