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Application of phage display to high throughput antibody generation and characterization

Schofield, Darren and Pope, Anthony and Clementel, Veronica and Buckell, Jenny and Chapple, Susan and Clarke, Kay and Conquer, Jennie and Crofts, Anna and Crowther, Sandra and Dyson, Michael and Flack, Gillian and Griffin, Gareth and Hooks, Yvette and Howat, William and Kolb-Kokocinski, Anja and Kunze, Susan and Martin, Cecile and Maslen, Gareth and Mitchell, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Maureen and Perera, Rajika and Roake, Wendy and Shadbolt, Paul and Vincent, Karen and Warford, Anthony and Wilson, Wendy and Xie, Jane and Young, Joyce and McCafferty, John (2007) Application of phage display to high throughput antibody generation and characterization. Genome Biology, 8 (11). R254. ISSN 1465-6906


We have created a high quality phage display library containing over 1010 human antibodies and describe its use in the generation of antibodies on an unprecedented scale. We have selected, screened and sequenced over 38,000 recombinant antibodies to 292 antigens, yielding over 7,200 unique clones. 4,400 antibodies were characterized by specificity testing and detailed sequence analysis and the data/clones are available online. Sensitive detection was demonstrated in a bead based flow cytometry assay. Furthermore, positive staining by immunohistochemistry on tissue microarrays was found for 37% (143/381) of antibodies. Thus, we have demonstrated the potential of and illuminated the issues associated with genome-wide monoclonal antibody generation.

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