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The Preparation of Hyperpolarized Water and its Use to Enhance "waterLOGSY" Drug Screening

Chappuis, Quentin, Bornet, Aurelien, Milani, Jonas, Vichoud, Basile, Gossert, Alvar, Bodenhausen, Geoffrey and Jannin, Sami (2015) The Preparation of Hyperpolarized Water and its Use to Enhance "waterLOGSY" Drug Screening. J Phys Chem Lett, 6 (9). pp. 1674-1678. ISSN 1948-7185


Amongst several NMR techniques for Fragment Based Drug Discovery, water LOGSY consists in observing signals arising after magnetization transfer from water to ligand by the nuclear Overhauser effect. Nonetheless, due to the intrinsic low sensitivity of NMR, decent signals only come as the reward of lengthy experiments with large amounts of analytes. As the ligand concentrations usually exceed that of the protein by orders of magnitude, the detection of strong binders becomes impossible by Water LOGSY. We propose the use of hyperpolarized water prepared by Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization to enhance signals in Water LOGSY. Both experimental time and amounts of protein and/or ligand can be dramatically reduced, which should enable unambiguous detection of both weak and strong binders.

Item Type: Article
Date Deposited: 14 Jun 2016 23:45
Last Modified: 14 Jun 2016 23:45


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