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Optimising locally delivered drugs

Collingwood, Steve, Lock, Ruth and Searcey, Mark (2009) Optimising locally delivered drugs. Drug News and Perspectives, 22 (10). pp. 627-634. ISSN 0214-0934


This publication is a review of an external meeting sponsored by the Society of Medicines Research held in June 2008.
The delivery of drugs direct to the site of action offers the potential for exquisite efficacy and minimal side effects. Ready access to the target tissue is a pre-requisite for local delivery and many drugs have been developed to take advantage of local tissue access targeting e.g. skin,
nasal tissue, tracheal tissue, the GI tract and the eye.
The particular complexities associated with local delivery were discussed at this meeting including the design requirements for bothnovel drug substances and their formulation. This was illustrated with several recent drug discovery case studies.

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