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A fluorescence lifetime-based assay for protease inhibitor profiling on human kallikrein 7

Doering, Klaus, Meder, Gabriele, Hinnenberger, Manuela, Woelcke, Julian, Mayr, Lorenz and Hassiepen, Ulrich (2009) A fluorescence lifetime-based assay for protease inhibitor profiling on human kallikrein 7. Journal of Biomolecular Screening: the official journal of the Society for Biomolecular Screening, 14 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1087-0571


Fluorescence lifetime is an intrinsic parameter describing the fluorescence process. Changes in the fluorophore's physicochemical environment can lead to changes in the fluorescence lifetime. When used as the readout in biological assays, it is thought to deliver superior results to conventional optical readouts. Hence it has the potential to replace readout technologies currently established in drug discovery such as absorption, luminescence or fluorescence intensity. Here we report the development of an activity assay for human kallikrein 7, a serine protease involved in skin diseases. As a probe, we have selected a blue-fluorescent acridone dye, featuring a remarkably long lifetime that can be quenched by either of the 2 natural amino acids, tyrosine and tryptophan. Incorporating this probe and 1 of the quenching amino acids on either side of the scissile bond of the substrate peptide enables us to monitor the enzymatic activity by quantifying the increase in the fluorescence lifetime signal. A systematic investigation of substrate structures has led to a homogenous, microplate-based, compound profiling assay that yields inhibitory constants down into the single-digit nanomolar range. This type of assay has now been added to our standard portfolio of screening techniques, and is routinely used for compound profiling.

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Keywords: compound profiling; high-throughput screening; fluorescence lifetime; compound interference; kallikrein 7
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