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Literature-curated protein interaction datasets

Cusick, Michael E, Yu, Haiyuan, Smolyar, Alex, Venkatesan, Kavitha, Carvunis, Anne-Ruxandra, Simonis, Nicolas, Rual, Jean-François, Borick, Heather, Braun, Pascal, Dreze, Matija, Vandenhaute, Jean, Galli, Mary, Yazaki, Junshi, Hill, David E, Ecker, Joseph R, Roth, Frederick P and Vidal, Marc (2009) Literature-curated protein interaction datasets. Nature Methods, 6 (1). pp. 39-46. ISSN 1548-7105


High-quality datasets are needed to understand how global and local properties of protein-protein interaction, or 'interactome', networks relate to biological mechanisms, and to guide research on individual proteins. In an evaluation of existing curation of protein interaction experiments reported in the literature, we found that curation can be error-prone and possibly of lower quality than commonly assumed.

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