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Combined effects of zoledronate and mechanical stimulation on bone adaptation in an axially loaded mouse tibia

Stadelmann, Vincent A, Bonnet, Nicola, Pioletti, Dominique P and Gasser, Juerg Andreas (2009) Combined effects of zoledronate and mechanical stimulation on bone adaptation in an axially loaded mouse tibia. Clinical Biomechanics, 26 (1). pp. 101-105. ISSN 0268-0033


Local bisphosphonate delivery may be a solution to prevent periprosthetic bone loss and improve orthopedic implants fixation. In load-bearing implants, periprosthetic bone is exposed to high mechanical demands, which in normal conditions induce an adaptation of bone. In this specific mechanical situation, the modulation of the bone response by bisphosphonate remains uncertain.
We assessed the combined effects of zoledronate and mechanical loading on bone adaptation using an in-vivo axial compression model of the mouse tibia and injections of zoledronate. Bone structure was assessed with in-vivo µCT before and after the period of stimulation and the biomechanical properties of the tibias were assessed with 3 point-bending tests after sacrifice. Axial loading induced a localized increase of cortical thickness and bone area. Zoledronate increased cortical thickness, bone perimeter, and bone area. At the most loaded site of the tibia, the combined effect of zoledronate and mechanical stimulation was significantly smaller than the effect of zoledronate plus the effect of mechanical loading. This suggested that an interaction between zoledronate and mechanical loading might exist at high levels of strains.

Item Type: Article
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Additional Information: I will act as the Novartis Responsible Author since I am responsible for handling all preclinical MTAs concerning zoledronic acid (Jürg Andreas Gasser)
Keywords: Bone adaptation; In-vivo mechanical loading; Bisphosphonate; Zoledronate; In-vivo µC
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Date Deposited: 13 Oct 2015 13:16
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2015 13:16


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