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Stability of screening compounds in wet DMSO.

Engeloch, Caroline, Schopfer, Ulrich, Muckenschnabel, Ingo, Le Goff, Francois, Mees, Herve, Boesch, Karoline and Popov, Maxim (2008) Stability of screening compounds in wet DMSO. Journal of Biomolecular Screening : the official journal of the Society for Biomolecular Screening, 13 (10). pp. 999-1006. ISSN 1087-0571


The impact of storage conditions on compound stability and compound solubility has been debated intensely over the past 5 years. At Novartis, the authors decided to opt for a storage concept that can be considered controversial because they are using a DMSO/water (90/10) mixture as standard solvent. To assess the effect of water in DMSO stocks on compound stability, the authors monitored the purity of a subset of 1404 compounds from ongoing medicinal chemistry projects over several months. The study demonstrated that 85% of the compounds were stable in wet DMSO over a 2-year period at 4 degrees C. This result validates the storage concept developed at Novartis as a pragmatic approach that takes advantage of the benefits of DMSO/water mixtures while mediating the disadvantages. In addition, the authors describe how purity data collected over the course of the chemical validation of high-throughput screening actives are used to improve the analytical quality of the Novartis screening deck.

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Keywords: compound management ; storage conditions; wet DMSO; high-throughput liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy (HT LC/MS); quality control (QC)
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