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Crystal structure of the human TRPV2 channel ankyrin repeat domain.

Mccleverty, Clare, Koesema, Eric, Patapoutian, Ardem, Lesley, Scott and Kreusch, Andreas (2006) Crystal structure of the human TRPV2 channel ankyrin repeat domain. Protein Science : a publication of the Protein Society, 15 (9). pp. 2201-2206. ISSN 0961-8368


TRPV channels are important polymodal integrators of noxious stimuli mediating thermosensation and nociception. An ankyrin repeat domain (ARD), which is a common protein-protein recognition domain, is conserved in the N-terminal intracellular domain of all TRPV channels and predicted to contain three to four ankyrin repeats. Here we report the first structure from the TRPV channel subfamily, a 1.7 A resolution crystal structure of the human TRPV2 ARD. Our crystal structure reveals a six ankyrin repeat stack with multiple insertions in each repeat generating several unique features compared with a canonical ARD. The surface typically used for ligand recognition, the ankyrin groove, contains extended loops with an exposed hydrophobic patch and a prominent kink resulting from a large rotational shift of the last two repeats. The TRPV2 ARD provides the first structural insight into a domain that coordinates nociceptive sensory transduction and is likely to be a prototype for other TRPV channel ARDs.

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Keywords: TRPV channel, ankyrin repeat, crystal structure
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